Williamsport Town Council briefs

July 14, 2004|by ANDREW SCHOTZ

Town hires zoning enforcement officer

WILLIAMSPORT - The town has hired a Washington County Department of Permits & Inspections employee as its new zoning enforcement officer.

"We never had anybody like that," said Mayor John W. Slayman, who hired Smith.

Rob Smith will be paid $4,000 a year, Clerk/Treasurer Bonnie J. Errico said.

The payment will be based on doing the necessary work, not on a set number of hours, she said.

He will work in the town from 3:30 to 5 p.m. every Tuesday and Thursday and put in other hours on his own, she said.

The hours will be separate from his duties with the county, Errico said.

Smith's appointment was effective July 1.

At Monday's town council meeting, audience members brought up several situations for Smith to investigate. Smith said he knew about many of them and already was working on them.


Edward Kuczynski, the town's attorney, said he, Smith and Errico should meet to consider fees that would cover the cost of the town's zoning expenses, such as advertising hearings and legal work.

Parking space rental agreement delayed

WILLIAMSPORT - Town council members on Monday again delayed a decision on whether to change a parking space rental agreement.

The town had been renting 11 parking spaces on West Salisbury Street from Robert Newcomer for $250 a month, then leasing four of those spaces to other people for $20 a month, according to Clerk/Treasurer Bonnie J. Errico. The last spot is empty.

Newcomer has raised the rate to $400 a month.

Last month, the town council tabled the issue so Errico could check on whether Newcomer would rent fewer than 11 spaces to the town.

Errico said Monday that Newcomer's latest offer is to rent the town six spaces for $250 a month, with no guarantee that it could get the spots closest to the street.

"I don't like being in the rental business," Assistant Mayor Walter W. Tracy Jr. said.

If the town buys the property, it probably would pay less than $400 a month on a mortgage, Councilman Earle R. Pereschuk Sr. said.

Councilman Monty R. Jones said that was not true.

"I offered him $70,000 and he laughed at it," Jones said.

Jones said he would abstain from a vote because he tried to buy the property.

Council members considered the new offer but put off a decision until next month.

Town pool reportedly cutting kids' feet

WILLIAMSPORT - Children have been cutting their feet in the town's pool, Councilman James G. McCleaf II said Monday, citing comments he has heard.

"It's a fact," Councilman Monty R. Jones added. He said his children don't like to go to the pool.

Mayor John W. Slayman said the town had the pool resurfaced two years ago.

Town asked to join in fingerprinting effort

WILLIAMSPORT - Mayor John W. Slayman said Monday that he wondered if he was in trouble recently when he got mail from the FBI.

Instead, it was a letter about National Night Out, a crime and safety event planned for Aug. 3.

Slayman said the town was asked if it wanted to assist with inkless fingerprinting of children.

Crime prevention programs often create records of children in case they should be kidnapped or become missing.

Slayman said the town will consult with the Washington County Sheriff's Department to consider fingerprinting.

Buying transformer requires meeting

WILLIAMSPORT - Councilman James G. McCleaf II said Monday that the town council might need to hold a special meeting to consider buying another transformer.

McCleaf, the chairman of the town's electric committee, said the transformer would cost more than $10,000, which means the council would have to approve the purchase.

July 4 fireworks, band get thumbs up

WILLIAMSPORT - The town's July 4 fireworks show was one of its best, Councilwoman Gloria J. Bitner said Monday.

She also complimented the Williamsport Community Band for its performance.

Mayor John W. Slayman said the town has heard several compliments about the show, even though it rained about two-thirds of the way through the event.

Council debates church fence repairs

WILLIAMSPORT - Zion Lutheran Church on West Potomac Street has asked the town about fixing up a parking lot, Mayor John W. Slayman told the town council Monday.

It would cost about $3,100 to replace a fence, Slayman said. He asked the council what it would like to do.

"I don't feel that we should replace the fence," Councilwoman Gloria J. Bitner said.

Councilman Earle R. Pereschuk Sr. said he wants to look at the fence before he decides.

"It would be good for that church," Councilman James G. McCleaf II said. "What about the next church?"

After the meeting, Clerk/Treasurer Bonnie J. Errico said the town maintains the parking lot and offers it to the public for parking, but few people use it.

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