Hagerstown briefs

July 14, 2004|by GREGORY T. SIMMONS

University Plaza costs increase

The park that will accompany the University System of Maryland at Hagerstown needs another $200,000 from the City of Hagerstown, City Engineer Rodney Tissue said Tuesday.

Tissue updated the City Council about the work on University Plaza during the council's work session.

In a report submitted to the council, Tissue blamed rising construction costs for some of the increased cost, but also a higher quality for the park as part of the expense.

The additional $200,000 would come in the form of bonds, which City Finance Director Alfred Martin said he supported.

With the additional costs, the city is paying for 25 percent of the $1.4 million project along West Washington Street, Tissue said. The rest will be paid through grants.

The City Council gave preliminary approval for the funding measure Tuesday, but will take up the measure for a formal vote on July 27.


City seeks traffic changes at Centre

The Hagerstown City Council gave the go-ahead Tuesday to pursue traffic changes to Garland Groh Boulevard, the main road that serves the Centre at Hagerstown shopping center.

City Engineer Rodney Tissue discussed at the council's Tuesday work session a recent traffic study of Garland Groh Boulevard.

Several intersections along the street that passes in front of Borders, Home Depot and Wal-Mart, among others, received failed grades for the speed at which they moved traffic, Tissue said.

Tissue recommended changes to improve traffic flow at the entrance to the Centre at Hagerstown. Tissue also said that some of the intersections may not need traffic lights in terms of the road flow, but they may be needed to allow people coming out of the center to enter the street.

Tissue said none of the improvements would be paid by the city, but rather by the developers of nearby housing developments, store owners or shopping center owners.

City to update Park Circle traffic pattern

A sometimes confusing traffic pattern at Park Circle next to Hagerstown's City Park is set to get some updates soon.

The Hagerstown City Council reviewed on Tuesday recommendations from City Engineer Rodney Tissue to change the intersection of Virginia Avenue, Memorial Boulevard, Walnut Street and Key Street.

Council members said they have heard complaints that people often go the wrong way through the circle, which is supposed to direct traffic counterclockwise around the circle.

With a set of new medians near the intersection on Memorial Boulevard and the north side of Virginia Avenue, and some new paint striping and signs, council members said they believed it would be safer.

According to a report submitted with the discussion, the city would seek to sign a contract to complete the changes in spring of 2005.

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