Mail call

July 10, 2004

"I just want to say that I find John Kerry disgusting. It seems to me that he is more concerned about the civil liberties of terrorists than he is about the safety of people in America. This guy really talks out of both sides of his mouth."

"To the person who called in and said about people who call Mail Call must not have a life. Well, guess what, you don't have a life either, because you just called in."

"I am tired of people calling Mail Call and asking what is wrong with fireworks because it is only once a year. I can tell you, July 4 is once a year, but the fireworks are about 20 different places and it starts about a month early. I am still hearing fireworks up here in the West End. It's not a good thing and I don't see how people can enjoy this for an entire month every year."


"To the person who called in an asked how Bush could be a murderer if he hasn't been convicted of murder. I can't believe that anyone could make a statement like that. Plenty of people are being killed because of his orders to go to war in Iraq. Bush is bad for this country."

- Hagerstown

"I just read in Mail Call about the young boy over the weekend, with the ATV. I thank that lady for calling this in because she hit the nail right on the head. God bless her."

"To the person who stole my son's bike out of my front yard on South Artizan Street in Williamsport on a Friday night or Saturday morning, please return it. Parents, if your child came home with a silver bike with the name Rhino on it, it belongs to my son. It was a gift and the authorities have been notified."

"What age do you have to be to sell lottery tickets? There are several stores in Williamsport that have people well under the age of 18 and they don't know how to run the machines."

"I want to say something about the major fried chicken businesses. They advertise so many pieces of chicken for so much money, but then when you go to buy it, if you have wings and thighs and you don't want them, you shouldn't have to pay for it."

"I am calling about the Mile-Long Yard Sale. I was out there on Monday and I have a cast on my foot and I had to walk a mile to get the yard sale. People out there having the yard sales have their driveways blocked off and you couldn't park there or in the grass and if you did, the Sheriff's Department made them move. It is only grass, it will grow back."

"Fireworks are a big deal because of all the noise and pollution ruins the holiday for a lot of people."

"I am glad to see someone else complaining about the police getting away with doing everything; you know, riding around in their air conditioned vehicle with their families in the car. I don't even have air conditioning, I don't even have a company vehicle, I have to drive myself back and forth every day. On top of that, you sit there and use my money that is paying for the gas, the insurance and the vehicle. "

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