Billboard firm appeals decision

July 08, 2004|by TARA REILLY

The attorney representing a billboard company said Wednesday that Washington County planners re-interpreted the county's zoning ordinance, resulting in the Planning Commission's rejection of four billboard site plans last month.

Great Outdoor Advertising Company appealed the Planning Commission's decisions to the Washington County Board of Zoning Appeals.

A hearing on the appeals was held Wednesday night at the County Administration Building.

The Planning Commission rejected the four billboard site plans, stating that the total size of each structure, including all sides of the signs, exceeded 1,000 square feet, the maximum size allowed under the county's zoning ordinance.

William C. Wantz, representing the billboard company, testified that the interpretation was a change from the usual interpretation, which was that each side of a billboard was not to exceed 1,000 square feet.

He called the county's most recent interpretation of the ordinance "novel."

Great Outdoor Advertising Company wants to build four billboards.


Two of the billboards, one proposed for 11321 Massey Blvd. near Motel 6 and the other proposed for 1726 Massey Blvd. near Roy Rogers, were to have three sides, according to planning documents. Each was to be 75 feet high.

Another 75-foot-high billboard was proposed for 13611 Pennsylvania Ave. at the Keystone Hunting Supply property near the Maugans Avenue intersection, according to planning documents.

A 50-foot-high billboard was proposed for 19741 Leitersburg Pike.

The Board of Zoning Appeals will issue a written decision within 30 days.

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