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Fees to cost developer $2.2 million

July 07, 2004|by TARA REILLY

WASHINGTON COUNTY - A Washington County developer will have to pay more than $2 million in building fees to construct a planned residential and commercial development off Robinwood Drive.

The Adequate Public Facilities Ordinance (APFO) fees, adopted by the Washington County Commissioners late last year, will go toward road improvements and to increase school capacity in the Robinwood Drive area.

Under the ordinance, developer Manny Shaool will have to pay $1.24 million in transportation APFO fees, according to county documents. Shaool also will have to pay $956,150 in APFO fees for schools, Public Works Director Gary Rohrer said Tuesday.


The combined development fees would cost Shaool about $2.2 million.

Rohrer said Shaool will be the first developer required to pay fees of that "magnitude" for developments in the Robinwood Drive area.

Shaool said Tuesday he doesn't have a problem with paying his "fair share" of APFO fees, but he plans to negotiate the price with the County Commissioners.

He said he would like the county to prove the recommended APFO charges are his fair share.

"I will try my best to be very cooperative with the county," Shaool said. "I'm very much for the fair share of the APFO. I have no objection to that."

Rohrer said the county would not waive the development fees.

"They're real numbers," Rohrer said.

Shaool plans to build 130 residential units and a 22,712-square-foot medical and dental office building. The project is part of the second phase of his Rosewood development off Robinwood Drive near Medical Campus Drive.

The phase consists of 40 rental town houses; a 42-unit facility for seniors; a 24-unit assisted living facility and two, 12-unit multi-bedroom apartment buildings.

The transportation APFO fee is based on the number of automobile trips it is projected will be generated by a residential or commercial development during certain times of the day.

The APFO fee for schools is paid by a developer who builds in areas where schools are at 85 percent of capacity or more.

The per automobile trip fee is $5,445 in the Robinwood Drive area, and developers pay $7,355 per unit for the schools fee.

Shaool's development is in the Eastern Elementary School district, which is over capacity, according to county documents.

Senior Planner Tim Lung said Tuesday that Shaool will have to work out agreements with Rohrer detailing the specifics of the payments.

The County Commissioners approved the APFO transportation fees in October 2003 and the APFO fees for schools in December 2003.

The APFO helps ensure roads, schools and other infrastructure are adequate to handle growth.

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