County Web site lists FAQs

July 02, 2004

Want to know how to bail someone out of jail, file a complaint against your neighbor or how to get to the Washington County Administration Building?

Martha's your woman.

Washington County has added to its Web site "Ask Martha," a feature that helps residents find out about the county and the services it offers or where to get information about noncounty issues.

The feature, named after Martha Washington, consists of 95 questions frequently asked by residents and businesses and the answers.

The questions include:

  • How/where do I get a pass for the County Commuter?

  • Where do I get a liquor license?

  • Where do I get an absentee ballot to vote?

  • When is the next County Commissioners meeting?

  • How can I collect back child support?

  • How do I get a dog license?

  • Where do I go to pay my water/sewer bill?

"Ask Martha" joins "e-George" on the Web site. "E-George," was added last year and allows residents to download county ordinances, e-mail County Commissioners, volunteer for county boards and find other county information.


"Ask Martha" and "e-George" are on the main page of the county's Web site,

County employees polled county departments to come up with the 95 questions listed on "Ask Martha." New questions will be added as they come up, according to a written statement from the county.

If you don't have Internet service at home, the county's Web site can be accessed for free at any branch of the Washington County Free Library and at the county's information kiosk at Valley Mall.

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