Mail Call

June 30, 2004

Editor's note - Please be as brief as possible when calling Mail Call, The Daily Mail's reader call-in line.

Mail Call is not staffed on weekends or holidays so it is best to call Mail Call during the week. The Mail Call number is 301-791-6236.

You are welcome to leave a recorded message on any subject, but some calls will be screened out.

Here are some of the calls we have received lately:

"Enough, enough, enough about the new obituary page. I for one, like it because I have problems with my eyes. But I have heard enough about the obit change. It's time to move onto something else to talk about."

"In Friday's Mail Call, someone asked if Bill Clinton was really sleeping or was he just praying at Reagan's service. He needs to pray a lot, but believe me, he was taking his afternoon nap. They showed him a couple of times and he was nodding off three or four times and sleeping a few other times. He wasn't praying at all."


"To the Smithsburg Middle School parent complaining about their kids getting confused by the dress code. They said that one moment they are told to dress nicely and another moment they are telling them to dress down. Then they went on to say that school should concentrate on teaching the kids instead of what to wear to a dance. Teachers don't make the dress codes, it's the people at the Central Office, so we teachers are concentrating on teaching, so if you have a complaint, go directly to the Central Office."

"To the person who wanted to know if Bill Clinton really fell asleep, nahh, he didn't fall asleep, he was just taking a nap. That is what my cat does after being out all night. He will be all right."

"I think it's sorry that Frederick has a better skate park then Hagerstown. Those people are treated like royalty."

"This is to the County Commissioners: Mt. Aetna around Whitehall Road has a lot of potholes that need to be fixed. I was driving over one and my tire practically went in and almost went the whole way to China because those holes are so big. They need major repairs or a complete resurface."

"The Habitat House in Boonsboro should not be allowed to finish if there is an ordinance stating that they can't front an alley. A 10-foot alley is not ample to provide access to a house. Believe me, I know, because in our area, the same thing happened. A house was built without access to the road and now the area residents have to look at this 10- foot driveway, which has become a highway for this one house that was built. Could you imagine what a few houses would make?"

"I am sure that the Habitat project will be allowed to continue. If you the know the right people and have enough money, you can get by with anything in this county. I am sure that the backing that Habitat has, they will be allowed to continue."

"How long can an out-of-state car or truck stay at an area residence with out-of-state tags? This is why Maryland doesn't make any money off our tag system. We allow people to stay for more than six months with out-of-state tags and then nothing is done about it."

"Citizens need to take notice of these officials who are letting things slide by when there are rules and ordinances to prevent it from happening. We need to get these people out of office and get new officials."

"We just got a letter from Rescue Service in Hagerstown. As usual, they are asking for more money, but we think this is a worthwhile service and anyone who can give extra should, because it just helps so many people when they need it."

"Is there anyone who has the same problem I do? I went into the doctor the other day because I had a rash on my leg. He charged me $51 and the insurance company paid $176. This is why our insurance is so high. He gave me samples, but I don't understand what the $51 was for, or for that matter, what was the other $176 he charged the insurance company was for. It cost all that to tell me what the rash was and gave me free samples. What was all that charged for?"

"I am looking forward to the good show that Hagerstown puts on for July 4, but I sure hope that they have a little more patriotic music in it this time."

"With all the flap about the fireworks at Municipal Stadium over the July 4 holiday, did anyone read the article and notice that everyone quoted was at least over 65? Everyone that complains is a senior citizen. Come on folks, get a life, let some of us have some fun. You remember when life was fun, don't you?"

"How do we explain thousands of people standing in line to buy a book on the life of Bill Clinton? All any of us have to do is commit adultery, be a complete liar and brag about it and you become famous. How many of you in this country believe our Lord will let such an immoral country progress? We kill our babies by the millions and have very little entertainment in any form decent enough to listen to or look at. Heaven have mercy on our future generations. No, our once-great country will not stand."

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