Letters to the editor

June 27, 2004

Iraq, Inc.

To the editor:

I present some thoughts on a course of action that would benefit Iraq and, consequentially, the United States.

I propose that, in the near future, a corporation be formed in Iraq that will, on the date of incorporation, assume ownership of all items pertaining to oil, including, but not limited to, production, transportation, refining, distribution and sales. And that it will assume responsibility for debt outstanding on that date.

I further propose that on that date, at high noon, every living native-born Iraqi 18 years of age, or older, shall be eligible for one share of stock in the corporation and thereafter, every Iraqi attaining the age of 18 years shall be eligible for one share of stock.

No share of stock in the corporation may be transferred, except by inheritance, for a period of three years from the date in incorporation.


No person, real or fictional, nor social, financial or religious group or other organization, may at any time own more than 10 shares in the Corporation.

The board of directors shall consist of nine outside members, not employed by the Corporation, plus the President and Chief Financial Officer of the Corporation. The outside directors shall be in groups of three and will serve staggered terms. The Corporation officers will serve during their tenure as officers. The outside directors will be paid a retainer plus a meeting fee sufficient to attract necessary talent and there will be no further remuneration in cash or in kind. The Corporation officers will receive no payments in addition to their salaries as corporate officers. The oldest outside director shall serve as chairman. A premium for this additional service is to be decided upon later.

Immediately upon incorporation, the "powers that be" will appoint a board of directors with members carefully selected by such factors as proven business acumen and technical and operating success. This board will serve during the three year people where-upon a new board will be elected by the shareholders. In ample time, prior to election, the board will submit a list of three candidates for each of the seats to be voted on, by class of tenure, and the three receiving the most votes in each class will be seated. There should be a method whereby shareholders can propose candidates.

One year from the date of incorporation there be an accounting, made public, and any profit be divided with 25 percent going to the government in lieu of taxes, 25 percent retained by the Corporation and 50 percent declared and paid as dividend to the shareholders.

Three years from date of incorporation to the election of directors should be ample time to register share owners and issue stock certificates.

The advantage of this course include:

That citizens will truly own the oil business and will eliminate the possibility (probability) that the business will go to a favored few (see Russia).

With each citizen holding a share, it should not take long for the populace to realize that sabotage, rather than being encouraged or tolerated, becomes a direct assault on its wealth and well being. It is one thing to blow up "big oil" and quite another to deny one's-self a better, peaceful life.

Among other things this course will provide a most complete and accurate census. Further, it will require an accurate and efficient Postal Service.

Robert P. Molten


Say no to Wal Mart

To the editor:

About two years ago, my husband was diagnosed with cancer and we could no longer take care of the five acres that surrounded our home in Middletown. We started to look for something smaller and realized we couldn't afford to live in Frederick County anymore.

We agreed that the logical solution would be Washington County, since I still work in Frederick, but need to be near enough to run him to doctor appointments, tests and so forth. We found a lovely neighborhood near his doctor at the John Marsh Cancer Center at Robinwood and also, near the hospital for emergencies. The home and yard are very manageable and our neighbors are great.

We have an open field next to us the deer walk through our yard to get to it. This is a wonderful thing for a country boy with time on his hands. Now we're hearing that a Wal-Mart may replace this peaceful setting and it is very distressing for us. I'm afraid another move would be more than we could handle.

I sincerely hope that the city will not let this happen. I'm sure we can live without another large store like that in our neighborhood.

Bea Bidle


Joys of running for office

To the editor:

Reflections written the day before election day by a former candidate for office in Washington County, Md.

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