Blast from the past

June 16, 2004

Week of June 13, 1954

The new South End Senior High School will cost around $2,200,000, according to estimates made to the Board of County Commissioners by the architects - McLeod and Ferrara.

The school will be erected on the Doub tract at the intersection of Sharpsburg and Downsville pikes and in all probability actual work will start this year.

Just to give you some idea of how rapidly the Halfway district is growing in population, figures released by the Board of Election Supervisors show the district has more registered voters than the vast Williamsport district. In fact, Halfway is the second largest district in the county from the standpoint of registered voters, the number totaling 1,733. Hancock is first with 1,805 and Williamsport third with 1,704.


Russell Smith of Funkstown said he went frogging last night and found many frogs and crawfish had died and were lying along the banks of Antietam Creek.

This morning he investigated and found scores of dead fish of all kinds floating in the creek above and below the Funkstown bridge.

Week of June 13, 1979

The five children of Mr. and Mrs. James Haddock have missed only two and one-half days of school in a total of 49 years of school attended. The children, who said their goal has always been perfect attendance, include Rebecca Haddock, 4th grade; Audra Haddock, South High 9th grader; Mark Haddock, 1979 South High graduate; James Haddock, 1976 South High graduate; and Belinda Haddock, 1974 South High graduate.

Hagerstown's mayor and three member of the city council discussed the city airport controversy, downtown renewal and at-large elections before a Hagerstown-Washington County Chamber of Commerce meeting held in their honor Tuesday at a luncheon at the Venice Inn. About 90 people, less than expected, attended the luncheon to question the officials on city issues.

On June 14, 1777, Congress adopted the design of the American flag and in 1895, that day in June was designated Flag Day.

Last year the city tried to commemorate the day by placing nearly 40 flags, donated to the city by residents, in the Public Square. Only 17 of those flags remain. The rest were torn, taken or otherwise destroyed by vandals.

The city has no plans to commemorate the day this year.

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