Letters to the editor - 6/10

June 10, 2004

Don't change Lord's Prayer

To the editor:

I can't believe that Mr. Keifer thinks the Lord's Prayer should be changed or even looked into for improper wording.

If he bothered to ask an English teacher he would know that the sentence he is referring to is grammatically correct. Even if it wasn't, I wouldn't presume to want to change it.

Sandra Clark

Martinsburg, W.Va.

Hunting declining, just as it should be

To the editor:

In her piece about the hunting industry's efforts to recruit women (Programs and clubs offer fishing, hunting and great outdoors as women's domain, May 4), Andrea Rowland missed the real story.

As men turn away from hunting in droves, the number of hunters in the United States has declined more than 20 percent since 1980. In Maryland, resident hunters declined 11 percent between 1991 and 2001. Desperate to protect their budgets, which depend on license sales, the wildlife bureaucrats in Annapolis, like their counterparts across the country, are looking to women for their salvation.


The real reason for programs such as Becoming an Outdoors-Woman is bureaucratic greed, not a sudden outbreak of sensitivity among hunters. But these programs are not succeeding. After more than 15 years of sustained effort, women are still only 9 percent of hunters, and only 1 percent of women hunt.

And why should they? Hunters sneak around in the woods, hide in ambush and bushwhack harmless, unsuspecting animals who wish them no harm. As a former hunter, I know from experience that the only pleasure to be found in this kind of slaughter is the perverted rush that some children find in beating up smaller kids on the playground.

The legitimate joys of hunting, such as communing with nature and learning to track and locate wildlife, all come from the pursuit, not the killing. Hunting with a camera would yield all of these wholesome pleasures without the shame of killing an innocent creature for fun.

Norm Phelps


My son was just stating his opinion

To the editor:

I am responding to the June 4 letter to David Bussard. Let me begin by telling you that we are his parents. We found your letter quite disturbing. We have two sons, both of whom we are very proud of. David did not know who Mr. Scott was when he responded to his letter.

He thought he was another person like any of us. We are sure he was a fine educator in his field. Your letter was quick to make judgment on David. You do not know him. He is kind, compassionate and very intelligent. He would never disrespect anyone.

He does, however, have an opinion and that is what his initial letter was about - his opinion. His response to Mr. Scott was to let him know that he was upset with the way he publicized his school, information that was not pertinent to his letter. David feels strongly about education and funding for that cause.

As far as your comment about David being obese, please let me tell you that you are not correct. He is a very tall and slender young man. You may want to know that our children have been active most of their lives - our oldest son was the top baseball player at Clear Spring High School during his senior year. David has been exposed to sports all of his life. We have been involved in Little League Baseball for nearly 15 years as a coach and team mother.

Once again, you do not know us or our lives. Please do not judge a 16-year-old young man; he was doing what makes this country great, voicing his opinion. You, on the other hand, made false accusations. We just wanted to set the record straight.

Ed and Julie Bussard

Clear Spring

Environmentalists cause of high gas

To the editor:

This is in response to a letter by Charles Webster on June 6 in the Opinion section. There are many reasons for the price shock at the pumps. One reason is that Congress failed to pass President Bush's energy plan three years ago.

Had they done that, we wouldn't have the prices we do today! Another reason is that the environmental wackos have gotten so many laws passed that stop oil companies from investing in them. Each area of the country has a different formula for its gas.

The Arabs are not pumping as fast as they could. They slowed down so they could raise the price of oil. They even said so. And what is so pristine about a desert? All they have over there is sand. If it weren't for the oil, those people would starve to death.

So let's not feel too sorry for them. After all, they are not our friends. Remember 9/11? Fifteen of them were Saudis. We need more refineries. Once we get these environmental wackos out of the way, we will have oil coming out of our ears.

James Bailey


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