Mail Call for 6/8

June 09, 2004

"I go to the Rainbow Park down here in Halfway, with my very young little grandchildren. The past few times I have been down here there have been a lot of high school students having their little cookouts and stuff for their graduation. I am amazed about how good they are to these young children, helping them out, swinging them. It just goes to show that the younger people still have the smarts about them."

"I want to tell Dawn who works at the Williamsport Sheetz, "hang tough, baby, you are going to win."

"I live close to where a young lady disappeared about 20 years ago. I want to see this murder solved, too."

"In regards to Thursday's Mail Call regarding the person who has card fronts that they would like to give away. I use them, my name is Eva and my number is 301-733-2830."

"To the person who said that Al Gore won the election and said that it was a payoff. You know you are about the only person left in this world who doesn't realize that he did lose the election. The recount clearly showed he lost the election in Florida."


"Funkstown Elementary is fantastic! The fun day that was put on the other day by the gym teacher and others who helped was incredible. The children had a wonderful time. Thanks for doing this for the children. You are wonderful people and I thank you for doing this for our children."

"Someone wanted to know how to get rid of ants on your countertop. You said you have tried everything; well you haven't tried hot sauce. Put it in a spray bottle and spray it on the back of the counter. The ants die as soon as they touch the sauce."

"To the person who wanted to know what to use for the ants. Go to the grocery store and get a bottle of boric acid. It's a powder that kills ants, roaches, bugs, fleas, etc. Sprinkle it heavy and the ants will go through it and they will take it back to their breeding grounds."

"I was wondering if someone can tell me how to get a yearbook from South High from the year 1987-1988. Put your number in Mail Call or call me at 240-420-0330."

"To the people who said about the weeds being 5-feet tall on Baltimore Street and wanted to know where the code enforcers were. Well apparently they aren't on Baltimore Street or the weeds would be cut down."

"To the person who went to the grocery store and saw corn on the cob for 50 cents per ear. If you really saw one ear of corn for 50 cents, then you are shopping at the wrong grocery store. Look in the paper and you will be a lot better bargains than that."

"I had ants on my counter before and I spread black pepper and now I haven't had any since then."

"This city never ceases to amaze me. Public drinking is illegal, but it's allowed at the Blues Fest. Police then go around and arrest the drunks during this event. The mayor says that it's not the hard stuff. I have news for him, I have been sober for years and never drank anything but beer. When I entered AA, it's all hard when you drink enough."

"Why doesn't the state offer grants for a curfew violation opposed to the grant for jaywalking? Get these kids off the streets, the ones that are causing the problems all the time."

"Did anyone find a roll of film in a plastic container at the Chambersburg Mall for the Make a Wish Foundation? I lost it up there somewhere. If you find it, call Mail Call."

"Freddie's sandwich shop on Dual Highway was replaced by Enterprise Car Rental; however the Freddies sign is still up. There are already too many signs on the Dual Highway."

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