Blast from the Past

June 09, 2004

Week of June 6, 1954

Readers who love roses should take time out this week to visit the Pangborn Park gardens. Experts tell us this is one of the finest years for roses in their memory.

Right now every bush is in full bloom, including the ramblers. And don't forget to look at the other attractive flowers in the gardens.

When the circus comes to Sharpsburg next Wednesday, it will be the first full-fledged circus to play there in a generation and, as old times recall, it will be the first time that elephants have pounded the streets of the historic battlefield town.

On that day the Beers Barnes Trained Wild Animal Circus and zoo animals including elephants, lions, seals, etc., will exhibit on the fire hall lot in the center of town.


Plans for organizing a local unit of the National Route 40 Association will be discussed at a meeting Tuesday night at the Tortuga Restaurant on Dual Highway.

The association's primary purpose is to entice tourist travel on Route 40 by way of billboards at strategic points and by distribution of road maps especially designed to point out desirable features of travel on Route 40 with emphasis on scenic beauties, historic data and safety.

Week of June 6, 1979

Local independent truckers report that they have experienced little or no shortages in diesel fuel, but their major problem is the rising price, which they must either absorb or pass on to the consumer.

Only two of the 11 trucking and moving firms contacted said they experienced a partial shortage, but all said higher pump prices were hurting their business and would eventually hurt the consumer by feeding inflation.

In the five weeks since The Herald-Mail Company launched its Mrs. Santa Fund, good things have kept popping up.

County residents have opened their hearts and their wallets to help Mrs. Haven Hoffman, the 78-year-old Chewsville widow who's made spreading Christmas cheer a career for more than 30 years. County residents have donated more than $1,000 to the fund and businesses are donating services, trips, toys and other items.

Hagerstown Councilman Larry Vaughn favors selling the Hagerstown Regional Airport to raise money to keep the tax rate down and finance municipal projects.

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