Sharpsburg takes on skateboarders after hearing residents' comp

June 09, 2004|by JULIE E. GREENE

SHARPSBURG - Sharpsburg officials on Monday night instructed the town's resident deputy to crack down on skateboarders acting recklessly.

Skateboarders trespassing on other people's property or riding recklessly has been an ongoing problem that probably will get worse when the school year ends, town officials said.

The town does not permit people to ride skateboards, bikes or in-line skates on sidewalks in town, according to a copy of the town law.

Violators' skateboards will be confiscated, town officials said Monday night.

One resident told town officials Monday night that more than a dozen skateboarders recently were riding near his house, and hitting his house while riding, late at night.


Washington County Sheriff's Department Deputy 1st Class Ken Cain said he spoke to the juveniles' parents Sunday.

The resident said he hadn't had a problem since then.

Another town resident, Betty Otto, told town officials her concrete porch and steps have been damaged by skateboarders.

After she took pictures of youths skateboarding at the corner about three years ago, a flower pot from her porch was thrown at her window later that day, she said.

Councilwoman Patti Hammond said it was time to remind residents and inform newcomers about the town's law regarding skateboarding.

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