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Letters to the editor - 6/9

June 09, 2004

A tribute to Ronald Reagan

To the editor:

It seems like just yesterday I heard his speeches as former President Reagan spoke so optimistically to the nation and the world. He was known as a man who was an excellent communicator. When he took office our nation was in disarray, but he spoke so eloquently and sincerely that he brought both friend and foe together.

In his lifetime he was able to see the start of communism and also blessed by God to see communism and the Cold War come to an end. What an accomplishment for a man from Hollywood as the skeptics would have you believe. Reagan had a deep commitment to our country and to all who served in all capacities of the armed services. He restored patriotism in our country and the level of national pride escalated under his leadership.

Some folks have gone as far as to say he was the greatest President since FDR. He took the office of president to heart and did all he could to help both sides of the aisle. You may not have agreed with his policies at all times, but even his critics loved him.


Truly America has lost a hero in the passing of President Reagan. Our hearts are deeply moved for his family at this time of his departure. Perhaps as you reflect on all of the accomplishments that Reagan made during his administration, you will glean many wonderful memories of him as I have. He was not just our president, but he appeared to be our friend also. His compassionate words for the men and women who fought to keep America free are fixed in my mind as I reflect on him. How fitting it is that he passed on the 60th anniversary of D-Day. Indeed, he too, was a fighter for freedom.

America is still longing for a president with his charm and high standards. We will miss him, but history will go down calling him one of our greatest Presidents. We need another great man like Reagan to lead America onward as we fight the wars with those who want to destroy the moral and spiritual fabric of our great nation. May God bless the Reagan family as they mourn their loss.

Ron Payne

Hedgesville, W.Va.

Bears have the right to be rugs

To the editor:

On two different occasions, you printed two letters by Randy Breeden of Williamsport, one asking us to "rethink the bear hunt" and the second on his questionable effort to save groundhogs along Halfway Boulevard. I would like the opportunity to address both letters.

In the first; Breeden asks "those against this bear hunt, to drain the economic resources." of the businesses who support said hunt, because these businesses' sale of goods are supporting a tax base, "that in turn, funds the slaughter of innocent animals." For one thing, animals are neither guilty or innocent. This logic comes from the same kind of irrational thinking that gave us the "save the Bucky the deer fund-raiser."

Guilt or innocence is a matter of conscience, Mr. Breeden.

I have one question for Mr. Breeden, that being, when the organization "The Fund for Animals" gets a list of these businesses supporting this hunt, could you print them, so I know what businesses to patronize?

Secondly, did you ever question your own safety, not to mention the fact of impeding traffic, when you saved those groundhogs? By the way people, groundhogs are classified as rodents, just like rats! Lastly, Breeden and the other animal rights people miss out on two huge points: 1) Bears have the "rights" to become dinner and a rug; and 2) groundhog livers make an excellent catfish bait. Stop impeding traffic, and realize that human beings are at the top of the food chain! We did not claw our way to the top, to solely eat salads!

Jim Rickard


Support the animal shelter

To the editor:

Thank you Gary Kauffman for your letter pertaining to funding for the Washington County Humane Society.

So puzzling how the county and city can always find money for mere recreation even though some prove to be white elephants, but still keeps pouring money into these failures.

If we, indeed, would spawn more responsible citizens we wouldn't need this organization.

But thank God for the shelter staff and volunteers and their timeless work and dedication.

The commissioners should give of their time and money to this worthy cause.

All people could give some funds and stop the me-first syndrome.

So, wake up Hagerstown and Washington County, and do much more in funding the Humane Society.

Rosa Lee Meyers


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