Ordinance allows runoff races

June 08, 2004|by SCOTT BUTKI

The Boonsboro Town Council on Monday adopted an ordinance that will provide for runoff races for town elections, including the May 10 town election that ended in a tie.

The runoff between incumbents Richard Gross and Kevin Chambers is scheduled for June 24, Town Manager John Kendall said.

It is believed to be the first tie and runoff in the town's history, he said.

A May 18 public recount to determine the winner of the second of two Boonsboro Town Council seats up for grabs in the election did not change the outcome - 87 votes each for Gross and Chambers.

The recount determined that Councilman-elect William Tritapoe was credited with one vote too many, and his tally was adjusted to 88 votes. Fourth-place finisher Mark Smith's final tally was adjusted to 48 votes, one more than originally logged.


Eleven percent of the eligible 1,578 residents voted in the election.

The ordinance approved Monday adds a provision to the town charter providing for runoff elections when needed.

Under the provision, in the event of a tie, the Board of Supervisors of Elections will call for a special election at the earliest possible date not sooner than 14 days or later than 60 days after the election.

Tritapoe sat at the council table during Monday's meeting but did not vote.

Tritapoe will be sworn in at the July meeting, Kauffman said.

Eligible town residents who did not vote in the regular election can vote in the runoff election, Kauffman said.

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