Letters to the editor - 6/7

June 07, 2004

County must mandate affordable houses in developments

To the editor:

A lot has been said about the disparity of rental properties to owner-occupied housing. The Washington County Commissioners must require all new housing projects to include "affordable" units for those families unable to afford mortgages of $2,500 to $3,000per month.

That is the average cost per month for a house selling between $250,000 to $300,000 being built in the county now. This does not include the property tax and property insurance.

Since the commissioners are already reducing their fee requirements to developers, it is unlikely that this current board of commissioners will pass any requirements for "affordable" housing or condominium units.


Maybe someday those who are to benefit from the building of "affordable" homes and condominiums will go to the polls and elect those who will work for the people and not worry about the "inner workings of county government."

Jaime Trujillo


You're heroes, too

To the editor:

On behalf of the St. Patrick's Chorale, I wish to extend an apology to the active duty members and veterans of the Coast Guard.

During our recent Memorial Day presentation of "The Hero Within," May 29 and 30, we included a musical tribute to the Armed Forces. The selection performed, "American Heroes," arranged by Carl Strommen, did not include the Coast Guard song, "Semper Paratus."

An effort was made at the second show to rectify the omission by recognizing the Coast Guard at the conclusion of the number. Be assured that the members of the Chorale,some of whom are veterans themselves, have the greatest respect for all branches of the armed forces. In future tributes, we shall be more vigilant.

Sandra R. Shirey, director

St. Patrick's Chorale


Top teacher says 'thank you'

To the editor:

It is with appreciation and gratitude that I thank The Herald-Mail very much for supporting the "Educators of the Year Awards Banquet 2004" at the Sheraton Four Points last month. The Hagerstown-Washington County community is blessed by your support of education and educators in our area. My family and I enjoyed the delicious dinner, the kind words, the awards and gifts generously donated by all the institutions and businesses that sponsored this eventful evening.

I am overwhelmed by the honor of being named "Teacher of the Year." Words cannot express my appreciation for the opportunity to represent the teachers of Washington County at the state level in the fall. It is such a blessing to have so many supporters encouraging me.

Educating our children is a community responsibility. Thank you for accepting that responsibility and for your generous contributions. May God bless you and your families; may your business prosper and may your blessing be returned to you ten-fold.

JoAnne Nave

Washington County

Teacher of the Year

Bush record merits defense

To the editor:

After reading "Bush Record is Terrible" by Dan Mentzer on Sunday, May 30th in The Herald-Mail Op-Ed section, I thought I needed to challenge Mr. Mentzer's assertions and accusations against our president.

Before I go any further, I will freely admit that he has made some bad judgments as I view things from time to time. But would someone tell me which of the 42 preceding presidents had not made a bad decision in four, eight or 12 years (FDR's period in office) as president? They are just as human as we are. Opponents have been feverishly blasting him as if he were the worst president of all, but contrary to the opinions of some, I think he's done quite well.

Briefly, on some issues I'm ready to defend our President Bush. First, the WMD issue, some seem to forget that just a few years back the general consensus with Republicans, Democrats and the United Nations, was that Iraq more than likely had weapons of mass destruction. Secondly, that President Bush deliberately misled us in order to invade Iraq, supposedly starting an unnecessary war. Has anyone read about the huge oil for food scam that netted huge amounts of money for UN officials who were involved, including Secretary General Kofi Annan, with Saddam Hussein ending up with $2 billion?

I really believe from 9/11 on there were situations concerning the war on terror that flummoxed just about everyone, President George W. Bush included. I think, with all things considered, I'd say that the present administration has done as well or better than Sen. John Kerry or anyone else might have done under the same circumstances.

My last point, Mr. Mentzer, if you'll check into history, tax cuts have indeed helped revive economies as they have this one under President Bush.

Edgar M. Foltz Jr.

Greencastle, Pa.

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