Tennessee driver takes Outlaws race at speedway

June 04, 2004

HAGERSTOWN - Greg Hodnett of Memphis, Tenn., inherited the lead with two laps remaining when race-long leader Steve Kinser made contact with a lapped car and led the rest of the way to win the 30-lap sprint feature before one of the largest crowds ever to watch the World of Outlaws at the Hagerstown Speedway last Saturday

"We had a great race car tonight. It is unfortunate that Steve (Kinser) and Daryn (Pittman) got into trouble there in lapped traffic," said Hodnett in

Victory Lane. "We had to pass a lot of cars to get into position to take

advantage of their misfortune. But we'll take it."

In other action, Roy Deese, Jr. powered his way through the field to claim his third win of the season in the 25-lap late model feature.

In the 30-lap World of Outlaw feature Kinser blasted his way to a large 10-car length lead from the pole position by the end of the second lap over Joey Saldana and Jason Myers. By the end of the sixth lap, Kinser was putting the slower cars a lap down when Mark Kinser flipped his car going into the third turn to bring out the first red flag of the evening. Kinser continued his torrid pace on the restart as Daryn Pittman made a slide move pass Myers for third coming off the second turn on the ninth lap. Pittman continued his march towards the front as he passed Saldana for second on the 12th lap and began to close in on Kinser in lapped traffic.


By the 18th lap, Pittman was on Kinser's bumper as the two drivers tried to outguess one another. Kinser had his car against the outside guard rail in the early stages of the race but then moved low when Pittman pulled even with him on lap 24. With two laps remaining, Kinser made contact with a slower lapped car and was struck by Saldana when he had no place to go, putting Saldana out of the race and Kinser to the rear with 12th-starting Greg Hodnett now the new leader. Before a lap was completed on the restart, Steve Kinser flipped his car coming off the second turn to bring out the second red flag of the night.

Hodnett set the pace on the restart and had no trouble the final two laps to pick up the win. Lance Dewease came home second with 20th-starting Danny Schatz third. Myers and Greg Dollansky rounded out the top five. Kraig Kinser, Brian Brown, Brian Paulus, Tim Shaffer and 17th-starting Paul McMahan finished out the top 10.

Heat winners for the 30 sprints were Myers, Mark Kinser and Saldano.

McMahan won the B-Main and Steve Kinser set the fast time of 15.224 seconds. Steve

Kinser and Saldano won the dashes.

In the late-model feature, Roy Deese Jr. started 12th as Paul Crowl quickly grabbed the lead from the third-starting spot on the first lap. Jerry Foster, who started fifth, passed Crowl for the lead on lap five as Deese was up to sixth. Deese started to pick off the cars one by one and by the midway point was in the runner-up spot. On lap 18, Deese closed on the leader and used the low groove coming off the fourth turn to take the lead. Deese had no trouble the rest of the way as he picked up his third win of the season.

"I am not a good racer, I am not a good driver. I hope the fans had a good show. It wasn't as easy as it looked," said Deese. "I worked hard, the guys worked hard, we have a good group of guys."

Alan Sagi came on strong for second with Foster, Crowl and Frankie Plessinger rounding out the top five. Les Hare came from 23rd for sixth and the Ernie's Salvage Yard Hard Charger Award and was followed by Mike Lupfer, Marvin Winters, Brent Smith and Scott Lebarron. Heat winners for the 24 cars were Crowl, Jeff Shearer and Jason Covert.

The Hagerstown Speedway will be in action again this weekend. Tonight, the Xtreme Dirt Car Series will be making its only appearance of the year and will be joined by the Hoosier Tires late-model sportsman racers. The late-model sportsman group will return Saturday night with the Ernie's Salvage Yard pure stocks and enduro cars to headline Student Night

RESULTS: Time Trials: 1. Steve Kinser, 15.234; 2. Daryn Pittman, 15.242; 3. Kraig Kinser, 15.256; 4. Greg Hodnett, 15.286; 5. Paul McMahan, 15.324; 6. Chad Layton, 15.365; 7. Jason Myers, 15.379; 8. Brian Brown, 15.404; 9. Joey Saldana, 15.413; 10. Lucas Wolfe, 15.417; 11. Lance Dewease, 15.438; 12. Jason Sides, 15.461; 13. Erin Crocker, 15.461; 14. Mark Kinser, 15.470; 15. Danny Lasoski, 15.492; 16. Brian Paulus, 15.512' 17. Craig Dollansky, 15.542; 18. Brian Carlson, 15.554; 19. Kenny Jacobs, 15.585; 20. Danny Schatz, 15.633; 21. Brandon Wimmer, 15.666; 22. Mark Coldren, 15.667; 23. Jonthan Allard, 15.688; 24. Tim Shaffer, 15.715; 25. Dan Shetler, 15.866; 26. Bob Bennett, 15.966; 27. Jimmy Weller, 16.151; 28. Josh Wells, 16.214; 29. Mike Dillman, 16.650; 30. J.R. Berry, 17.805.

30-LAP WORLD OF OUTLAWS SPRINT FEATURE: 1. Hodnett; 2. Dewease; 3. Schatz; 4. Myers; 5. Dollansky; 6. K. Kinser; 7. Brown; 8. Paulus; 9. Shaffer; 10. McMahan; 11. Lasoski; 12. Saldana; 13. Sides; 14. Layton; 15. Jacobs; 16. Wimmer; 17. Crocker; 18. Allard; 19. Wolfe; 20. Carlson; 21. Wells; 22. S. Kinser; 23. Pittman; 24. M. Kinser. DNQ: Coldren; Bennett; Weller; Shetler; Dillman; Berry. (Lap Leaders: S. Kinser 1-28; Hodnett, 29-30). 30 cars.

25-LAP LATE MODEL FEATURE: 1. Roy Deese Jr.; 2. Alan Sagi; 3. Jerry Foster; 4. Paul Crowl; 5. Frankie Plessinger; 6. Les Hare (Hard Charger) ; 7. Mike Lupfer; 8. Marvin Winters; 9. Brent Smith; 10. Scott Lebarron; 11. D.J. Myers; 12. Billy Wample; 13. Tim Wilson; 14. Mark Elksnis; 15. Brian Booze; 16. Paul Cursey; 17. Devin Friese; 18. Jeff Shearer; 19. Kirk Ryan; 20. Tim Murphy; 21. Jason Covert. DNS: Dave Rice; Donnie Farlling; Ray Kable Jr. (Lap Leaders: Crowl, 1-4; Foster, 5-17; Deese 18-25). 24 cars.

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