Letters to the editor - 6/2

June 02, 2004

Writing wasn't worth trouble

To the editor:

Almost 60 years ago, my father advised me, "Never write a letter to a newspaper." His opinion was it would always be more trouble than it is worth. I waited until just a couple of months ago to disregard his advice, but I now think he was on to something.

I wrote to you suggesting that you consider asking the Board of Education candidates for their thoughts on physical education. I never said that the candidates should be judged solely on their positions on any single discipline in the curriculum. I do subscribe to the Socratic principle of "a sound mind in a sound body."

Hopefully, this correspondence has stimulated thinking about our P.E. and health programs. To my dad, let me say you may rest assured that no more attempts at written good works will disturb your peace.


As Mark Twain observed, sons usually (finally) see what fathers were trying to teach them - you were right, it was more trouble than it was worth.

Dwight Scott

Frederick, Md.

Bush giving away our retirement funds

To the editor:

You heard Federal Reserve Chairman Alan Greenspan urge Congress to cut Social Security benefits starting with your cost of living adjustment.

You've heard about the Bush plan to give Social Security benefits to illegal immigrants.

Your Social Security checks already buy less than they should.

Have you had enough yet? Will you help us pass vital Social Security COLA protection now before Congress?

I heard Bush on TV giving a speech in Mexico telling them he would like to bring all of them along back here and give them a job and make them citizens of the U.S.

They talked about Clinton, but he did not run all over the country and give millions of dollars away like they are now.

Emmert Stauffer

Waynesboro, Pa.

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