Blast from the past 6/2

June 02, 2004

Week of May 30, 1954

Name plates for the desks of city councilmen and other city officials in the council chamber have been purchased to enable the public to identify the various city officials.

Special desks for representatives of the press also bear plates marked "Press."

Boonsboro High School's plan of providing local employers with thumbnail sketches of its graduates is paying off in jobs again this year.

Douglas Bivens, principal of the school, reports that quite a few of this year's graduates have already obtained jobs and he has hopes that all will be employed prior to commencement, as was the case last year and the year before.


Smithsburg Fire Co. received a phone call yesterday afternoon from Mrs. Earl Kline, of Smithsburg-Wolfsville Road, who reported that she accidentally dropped a purse containing more than $1,000 down the family's well.

The firemen pumped out water until they could see the purse. Then they snagged it and pulled it to the surface.

Week of May 30, 1979

Henson Aviation is eliminating four Hagerstown flights to and from Baltimore-Washington International Airport, according to Richard Henson.

The flights are being eliminated because the 15-passenger capacity Beechcrafts are rarely full, with only a 22-percent load factor.

Pam Borum, of the 900 block of Oak Hill Avenue, is a piano tuner. A pianist with perfect pitch, Pam tunes only by ear. No strobes - an electronic tuning device - for this lady.

In the first four weeks since Maryland State Police beefed up their anti-speeding program, 1,121 speeding tickets were issued in Washington County for the period of May 1 to May 28.

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