Letters to the editor - 6/1

June 01, 2004

Hard to be proud

To the editor:

This is in response to Kevin Lowe and other arrogant Americans who believe that no matter what this country does it is still OK, and to hell with anyone who thinks differently.

I am a World War II veteran and fought proudly for my country (yes, in combat) at that time. I remained proud through difficult and good times since then. Except for now. I am now deeply concerned with the divisiveness that grips our society.

Instead of pulling together to fight the real terrorist threat (not Iraq), restore our integrity in the international community, stop our inhumane treatment of war prisoners, reduce our dependence on fossil fuels and improve our damaged environment, help solve our social and economic ills, we are divided into those who blindly accept the dictates of this secretive and untruthful super-conservative administration and those with enough concern for the future of this country to question the direction we are taking. I long for the day that I will again be proud of this great country.


Richard J. McEvoy


County dropped the Robinwood ball

To the editor:

Robinwood Drive is exactly 2.4 miles long. It extends from Jefferson Boulevard south to Mount Aetna Road. Despite its shortness, the Washington County Commissioners and their advisors are intent on making it the "three-ring circus" of Western Maryland. Come on, everybody join in. There's room for all.

In 1956, this road wasn't even asphalt for its full length. HJC opened its doors around 1960 when not one modern residence could be found on it except along the first mile on the north end. This was indeed the time for planners to get serious about contemplating a road with a future.

But what was to be next to depend upon Robinwood for access? Partridge and Pheasant Trail, Cardinal Drive, Peacock and all the other feathered street names were added along in the 60s. In the 70s HJC expanded and "Terhane" housing was started on the north end.

Rapidly thereafter, the south end developed with an Elks Club, a strip shopping center, and endless housing acreage along the southern end's 1.4 miles. Finally came a huge medical center. Now we are adding a major regional hospital along its path. And Robinwood is still exactly 2.4 miles long, but with more cars than you can count at rush hour. Much of it is through traffic.

Don't you think along this journey in history someone should have done something about the north end with its closely lined driveways along a one mile stretch of homes? That is the story of "our county government gurus in action." It is better known as "no planning." Or even dereliction of duty.

What more needs to be said about the subject? I'm sure that I can find some.

Ned A. Garrett


Protect our Social Security

To the editor:

Three out of every five American seniors depend upon Social Security for a majority of their income. Alan Greenspan has admitted that Social Security is over-committed and is urging Congress to cut Social Security benefits as soon as possible.

We cannot afford to pay illegal aliens Social Security benefits while the trust fund's financial health is in doubt. Repeal our current totalization agreement with Mexico and block all illegal workers from receiving Social Security benefits.

Franklin D. Roosevelt meant for Social Security to be there for we American citizens who worked and paid into the fund. It's unfair to give it to those who didn't work for it or who aren't citizens. It's the same way for our Medicare because we are paying for ours. We don't get free health care and free medical treatment. Stop playing politics with our Medicare. It should not be a tool to buy votes or to buy favors from a foreign government. Our Social Security is already in crisis because of the IOUs and smaller number of workers paying Social Security taxes.

It's very unfair and unjust to give our money to those who are here illegally and not citizens. We have a number of people here who can't get food stamps, medical benefits, housing assistance and welfare. We senior citizens can't even get a decent cost-of-living raise. We must stop these faceless State Department bureaucrats from giving our Social Security money away to illegal aliens.

It is outrageous looting of the Social Security Trust Fund. Law-abiding citizens who worked and paid into the Social Security system will be left with a bankrupt trust fund and illegal aliens will be enjoying our benefits. America is a merciful and compassionate nation that is the most generous country in the history of the world.

Medicare is not welfare. It should be protected and used only to provide benefits you've earned for your retirement. I think it's time our government takes care of their own people instead of illegal aliens.

Also, no corporation should be allowed to make a profit off the blood of American soldiers.

Anna Lee Burker


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