Letters to the Editor 5/31

May 31, 2004

There's so muchAmericans should recall on this day

To the editor:

To: America's veterans

I write this letter to you today to honor your sacrifices for me in the second great World War. I know that you do not know who I am, but I know about you. I know that you served our country when the average man went to war.

You fought in the sands of Africa against General Rommel and helped crack the fortress that was Europe. You braved the waters of the Atlantic and stormed the beaches of Omaha to put into motion Operation Overlord. You helped to free the French from the German tyrant who invaded their land. You saw the Second World War end at the Battle of the Bulge, where Hitler's last blitzkrieg failed and the allies were all but assured victory.

Finally, you were there on V-E Day to celebrate victory and look back on your efforts that helped to protect a country that was 3,000 miles away. If it had not been for your efforts as well as those of thousands of other American soldiers who fought in World War II, then this might not be the "land of the free" that it is today.


Many people do not realize what could have happened if the two A-bombs had not been dropped and if Hitler and the Axis had never been defeated. If America had decided to stay neutral even after the surprise attack on Pearl Harbor, Hitler's Nazi forces may have invaded our country by an Atlantic route, and General Tojo and his men may have done the same through a Pacific route. I could not possibly imagine what life would be like now had the United States elected not to enter the war.

We would have taken steps back to the Revolutionary days, when we were under the control of another country that was an ocean's length away. I think that most people have forgotten the sacrifices that people like you made just 60 years ago. I guess now more than ever things are taken for granted, especially now with the "police actions" in the Middle East, the war on terror in Afghanistan, and now most currently, the war in Iraq.

People of this 21st century believe that wars can be won in a matter of months, with few casualties. If it were not for your efforts in Europe during the war, there might not be a United States of America. Instead, we would be colonies of some other foreign power that could be thousands of miles away.

No amount of words can adequately express the gratitude that I have for you, the veterans of World War II. If it had not been for those who fought and died bravely on the battlefields of Europe and on the islands of the Pacific, then I would not be sitting here writing this letter to you today. I feel this is only a small way of showing thanks to someone who deserves so much more.

The sacrifices you made and the tribulations you endured, I cannot fathom. In risking your life for me, I am now in debt to you because even though I was not alive at the time, you still helped make my life easier now in 2004. I am able to wake up every morning and know that I am safe from any danger or harm. Furthermore, through a standard that was created by veterans such as you, I will always have the peace of mind that the armed forces of the United States of America would never, ever let any group or anyone threaten the security of the liberties that America stands for and fights for as well. I hope that this letter does you justice and helps bring honor to a group of soldiers that the majority of this nation has forgotten in recent years. Once again, I thank you for the sacrifices you made and the hardships you fought through to make this world a safer place for me.

Ryan A. Myers

Williamsport High School

Online news helps a soldier maintain his link to home

To the editor:

Kudos to Brian Shappell and the staff at The Herald-Mail. I am an Army reservist, from Pen Mar (Cascade), who has been deployed in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom II. I truly enjoy reading the online version of the newspaper, as it helps me curb some of my homesickness. I have found the articles in the paper consistently well-written and informative; please keep up the good work.

In reference to Shappell's article about the bands in Pen Mar park, I do have one comment. The enlightened lawmakers of Washington County need to take a look at the traffic situation up in Pen Mar. The park visitors are, for the most part, courteous and respectful of the speed limits posted.

Some of the "locals," however, are not as considerate to the community. Speeding and running the stop signs that are clearly posted are consistent problems and safety concern for this area.

SSG W. Carl Fulmor

Somewhere in Kuwait

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