Mail Call for 5/28

May 29, 2004

"My name is Mildred. I live in Smithsburg. I just wanted to thank the nice people on the ambulance and all the people at the Washington County Hospital. I feel much better."n

"I am calling because I want to support the move of the hospital and I think a lot of us citizens would benefit from the move of the hospital. I think we should move forward and support the move of the hospital."

"I am tired of reading about the Broadfording Bridge being closed. Just remember the next time you vote, think about the Republicans and Democrats. Just be sure to vote Republican again and you will have the same thing over and over again."

"Here we go again, an entire page of tax increases again. What are we working for, are we working ourselves or the government?"


"I am a parent that picks up my daughter at Pangborn Elementary and I get up here early enough to get in line, but we have drivers that get here at the last minute that want to pull in front of you. Why do you have to butt in line? We are the ones who took the time to come here early. Someone is going to get hurt one of these days."

"I was wondering if anyone saw the bright lights on Tuesday during the storm toward Clear Spring off of Md. 68. There were such bright lights up in the sky. I saw it about 3:30 p.m."

"I want to complain about the people in Park View Manor Apartments throwing their trash around. People need to keep these streets clean."

"I was watching the mayor and council meeting and the city administrator Bruce Zimmerman thanked the mayor and council for tending to the budget, which is what they got elected to do, that is what is expected of them. But not one word was mentioned about the Memorial Day celebration that the city may be having. Maybe they aren't having one."

"I want to thank the hospital for putting the additional handicapped parking spaces in the upper parking lot. It's nice to know that you can find a place to park when you go to the hospital."

"I am tired of seeing Al Gore in all the news channels. Stop bashing Bush. Gore, you lost the election, get out of the limelight, Bush is our president, not you."

"If they leave any more phone books down through here in Boonsboro, we are going to scream and maybe this time they are going to hear us."

"I am responding to the person who called in and said that Kerry was wishy- washy. Well, it's certainly a lot better than what we have right now."

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