Mail Call for 5/27

May 28, 2004

"Does anyone know when Williamsport pool is going to have signups for swimming lessons?"n

"1956 was the last year with only one Hagerstown High School. There was no 1956 South High Hagerstown Class."

- Hagerstown

"There are too many billboards being erected. It ruins the beauty of the area. I hope the county commissioners vote for a strict adherence for the amount and size of billboards."

"Hey Washington County, walk outside your house, look around, do you have a dead tree? Get rid of it."

"This is to the lady who bought the teddy bear balloon lamp at a yard sale on Saturday, If you want to stop back over at our house you can pick up a balloon that fell off."

"I wish the paper would add the pollen count to their weather page."

"That's really nice that the lady got her steps fixed. It just shows that there's a lot of really nice people in Hagerstown. I'm really glad for her."


"I could never vote for a card-carrying liberal like Kerry for president."

"I'd really like to know why the Sheriff's Department is wasting time investigating a murder case from 1905. It's very unlikely that anyone involved in that case is alive today. Why doesn't the sheriff's department worry more about murder cases and crimes that happen today instead of 100 years ago?"

"I would like to say thanks to the two pharmacists, Kim and Dara at Target Pharmacy. You are both very nice and helpful. I am glad to be a customer at Target. Also, hi and thanks Rabbia. You are nice, too. Each of you at Target Pharmacy, we thank you."

- Williamsport

"I think the Maryland State Police is putting too emphasis on seat belts and not other crimes. I am a senior and I was caught in Cearfoss a few months ago for not wearing my seat belt. There were two state troopers sitting there watching me with no seat belt. You mean to tell me that this is all they have to do. Since then, there has been two robberies there at Your Country Store in Cearfoss and they are both unsolved. So they should be looking for the robbers, not seniors with no seat belts."

"For all the girls at Dr. Waheed's office, you are all so kind and nice to us, Jennifer, a special thanks to you for your help. We certainly appreciate everyone of you, and of course, Dr. Waheed, the most caring and nicest doctor. Thank you all."

- Williamsport

"The Salvation Army has such lovely items for sale, including some lovely clothes and we should support them because they help so many people."

"I am calling to complain about insurance companies. When you have problems with a bill, you try to solve it and all you get is a foreigner and you can't understand what they say. I think they should get someone who can speak our language."

- Hagerstown

"The column in the paper on Monday said that Bush was to speak in Carlisle on Monday night. There is about 400 to 500 words in that column, but nowhere in there does it say when the speech is going to be made or if it's going to be on TV or not."

"I see where someone is having problems with junk mail. I take the mail and search it inside and out until I find an 800 number. I call that number and ask them to take me off their list. They are always willing to do that with no problem and they will ask for your name, address and the customer number, which is on there with your name and address. I have been doing this now for six months, I keep a record of who I have called because you may get a few after you call them. Believe it or not, I have eliminated 75 pieces of junk mail. I can't imagine what my mailbox would be like, if I hadn't done this. Try it, it will work."

"I am replying to the person who called Mail Call who said they were ashamed to be an American and gave advice to move if they didn't like it. It's simple, this is the USA and we have enough drugs, alcohol and everything else going on that we need to realize that this was wrong, wrong for our military to go and do this and it's not something that you get over."

"The Hagerstown Class of 1954 Reunion Committee made a boo-boo. The booklet on the reservation form to be purchased is for those who CANNOT attend the Oct. 9 event. All those attending Saturday night will receive the booklet free of charge, if you sent your reservations in and included the booklet, you will be reimbursed. Thanks."

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