Mail Call for 5/26

May 27, 2004

Editor's note - Please be as brief as possible when calling Mail Call, The Daily Mail's reader call-in line.Mail Call is not staffed on weekends or holidays so it is best to call Mail Call during the week. The Mail Call number is 301-791-6236.

You are welcome to leave a recorded message on any subject, but some calls will be screened out.

Here are some of the calls we have received lately:

"I live in the Garden Spot Development outside of Maugansville and I would like to say that there are a lot of people that put a lot of time, money and effort into their lawns. To the few people who walk their animals on our lawns, would you please have the common courtesy to clean up after them? Thank you."

"I am very disgusted with the men in the area where I live on Eastern Boulevard. I have witnessed four men urinating in front of me in public in front of my daughter and I. I think it's disgusting and it's against the law and one of these days, I hope you get caught and arrested."


"I am totally outraged that Tim Rowland would write a column making light of the good people taking a stand against Slightly Sinful. Get your facts straight, it's not just a lingerie store, it's an adult book and video store. Mr. Rowland, would you want your 5-year-old going to this school, with this in the front yard? I think not."

"To the parents of Fountain Rock, what's going on down there is change. The question we need to ask is why? Why in a school that has consistently scored at the top of the Washington County system are we making so many changes? If the system works, no matter how outdated it may seem to a newcomer, leave it alone and take the time to understand it before you make changes to it. Give it a try and maybe you will understand why it works the way it does."

"To the teacher at Fountain Rock that is being transferred from kindergarten to third grade after 30 years. If I were her, I would retire, but then again, maybe that is what this is all about."

"A big thumbs up to Springfield Middle School Band for their first place finish in the competition in Hershey, Pa., on Saturday, May 22 and to the Jazz Band for their second place finish. Way to go, guys!"

"I want to urge local and state law enforcement to begin an immediate program to target drivers who don't turn lights on before sunset and the ones that don't have wipers on in the rain. There are too many drivers violating the law while driving dark colored vehicles, especially black and dark gray."

"I just read in the paper where Kerry may not accept the Democratic nomination for president, but if he does, he may delay doing this. In my opinion, it's just another example of him being wishy-washy. Is this the kind of president we want?"

"Over the weekend I drove through Nottingham Road and I just wanted to say that there is a young girl with blonde hair - her parents need to tell her how to properly cross the street because she ran out in the middle of the road without even looking. She would have gotten hit if I weren't a careful driver. If this would have been a careless driver, she would have gotten hit."

"The Charley Reese editorial that appeared in the Saturday edition of the paper was a very good article. One of the best that he has written so far. Unfortunately, so much of it was so very true."

"We would like to request a left green turn arrow at Huyetts Crossroads at the U.S. 40 and Md. 63 intersection. This is heading south on Md. 63 toward the intersection to turn left or east on U.S. 40. Hopefully, this will prevent a bad accident. There are turn signals for the other directions."

"Memorial Day weekend is coming up May 29 through May 31. I suggest everyone display the American flag to show respect for our country and to honor those service people who died fighting for our freedom."

"Is there a group for atheists in Hagerstown? Put it in Mail Call or leave your number."

"In regards to the Broadfording Road Bridge, we took up a petition. My son and I presented it to the Washington County Commissioners on April 27 and I didn't get a reply until May 19. Their current schedule is to have new construction bids by June 13, proceed with construction on or about Aug. 2 and complete construction by Dec. 19. Thanks to all the people who signed the petition."

"Lost wallet, if found, please return it to the office at the Alexander House and you can keep the money for returning the wallet."

"Just a reminder to the Boonsboro American Legion Ladies Auxiliary, Poppies are to be distributed for donations, not sold."

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