May 26 - Blast from the Past

May 26, 2004

Week of May 23, 1954

The engine bell the Western Maryland Railway Company is presenting to the community of Smithsburg is no ordinary engine bell, according to town folks. It's the bell from Engine No. 810, heard every morning and evening for many years as the train passed through town headed for Baltimore or Hagerstown.

The bell will be mounted in a cupola atop the Smithsburg Fire Hall and used to call firemen together for meetings and in cases of emergency.

Two young men from Argentina who have toured most of the United States since 1951 in a Model T Ford of 1914 vintage stopped in Hagerstown today for gas and repairs. They told attendants at Hyssong Service Station on East Washington Street that they were en route to Washington to visit President Eisenhower.


While the ladies have proved to be the best volunteer reporters competing in the Mail's news tip contest each week for many months, the men turned the tables last week and copped the three top prizes: A Security man for the tip on "hot-rods" making life miserable for residents of that community; a Salem Avenue man for a tip on a man exchanging one car for another at a local used-car lot without consulting anyone; and a North Avenue man for a tip on the hog cholera outbreak in the St. James section.

Week of May 23, 1979

The Hagerstown City Council on Monday night voted 4-1 to put the at-large council issue on the 1981 general election ballot. As it stands now, if voters approve the at-large concept in 1981, the present ward system would continue for another four years until the next city elections.

Tradition seems to have won out over the three-day weekend, as most state and local agencies will observe Memorial Day on its true date of Wednesday, May 30.

In a meeting with Mayor Pat Paddock and City Councilmen, Richard Henson, manager of Hagerstown Regional Airport, said he is moving corporate headquarters of his Allegheny Commuter to Salisbury, Md., because the Wicomico County government has been conscientious about modernizing the airport there, while Hagerstown's government has ignored the need for expansion here.

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