Letters to the editor - 5/26

May 26, 2004

America is still great

To the editor:

America is going through some tough times now, as it has throughout its history, which could have caused someone to be ashamed. However, America has always aired out its scandals for everybody to look at, friend and foe alike.

America also has been the most caring, generous and compassionate country the world has ever known. America not only helped defeat tyrants in two world wars, but provided massive aid to rebuild the economies of the countries that started the wars, as well as the economies of the our allies, although some of them seem to have forgotten that lately.

Most recently, America has spent its treasure and its most precious resource - those magnificent men and women of our armed forces, who have served with honor and distinction and many have sacrificed all - so that we can continue to enjoy our freedoms.


Torturing and abusing prisoners by a few is not to be condoned under any circumstance, even the ones who were in jail for murdering Americans or their own people. The amount of publicity given to this event by the liberal press, hell-bent on embarrassing President Bush, should have been balanced by reporting our great accomplishments in that troubled part of the world.

Having experienced firsthand life in a tyrannical society, I feel saddened by the current events, but I will still choose America over any other country in the world and I will always be proud to be called an American.

C.A. Belella


Keep funding shelter

To the editor:

The Washington County Humane Society deserves every penny it can get. They have my blessing to have their share of county and city funding. They're not asking for "more" future money. They're asking for the money it takes to run that shelter, and it is always deserved and should be received every year.

They have never received the funding amount they should have for such an important issue. Yes, we are still totally responsible for the care of all the abandoned animals in Washington County because we still allow unneutered cats and dogs to be unregistered and procreate.

I will continue to inform the public about the horrendous unnecessary euthanization of God's precious domestic animals. Two or three people are standing there holding the animal's little leg out so they can stab a needle into their precious little arm, then an overdose of muscle relaxant is pumped in.

That stops their heart from beating and it looks humane because you cannot see them fight for their life anymore. After that process, they lay there, their brain still conscious for a while, and they're feeling themselves suffocate because their lungs cannot take a breath.

Commissioners, fund that elaborate clinical operating room you had built out there at the WCHS. It's there! Fund veterinarians' work there, and let's get these pets spayed and neutered. Get off your hands and do something! Fund that shelter.

Gary S. Kauffman


Rethink bear hunt

To the editor:

In response to "DNR rejects cash to halt bear hunt," I would first like to say Paul Peditto of Wildlife Heritage would do well to always remember it is the taxpayers who pay his salary. With this thought in mind, he should also know not all taxpayers are hunters. You wish to kill these bears now, but that very same action may make your job a memory when the DNR has been replaced by another ruling body with a little more concern for animal rights.

For those against this bear hunt, I give the following advice: Government understands but one thing, which is economics. You drain their resources, you'll win the battle. At this point, we need to take this fight into the business sector with a focus on all large corporations based in or operating in the state of Maryland.

These businesses then need to be made aware that we will promote to the buying public that their goods or products are supporting a tax base that in turn funds the slaughter of innocent animals. These businesses will have a few choices. They either pressure the governor to end this senseless act or they move out of state or they do nothing and face a loss of business.

As a citizen in this state, you may do your part now by turning in your bay license plates.

Waterways are under the management of the DNR, the very organization fighting for this bear hunt. Simply tell the DMV that you'll no longer support such a pathetic organization. You may then send you Bay plate fees to "The Fund For Animals."

Randy A. Breeden


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