Mail Call for 5/21

May 22, 2004

"This is for Mike that graduated from North High in 1988 and wanted to get in touch with some of his old classmates who live in Washington County. Call Dawn at 240-420-0481. I also graduated in 1988 and have quite a list from past reunions."

"President Bush, I can't afford to fill my gas tank. I can barely afford my prescription medicine, my health insurance premiums skyrocketed. I have no extra money for groceries. Why isn't Bush helping us average Americans, those of us who work 40+ hours a week and struggle to make it? Lord knows Bush hasn't had to fill his own gas tank for many years. He has no concept of people like us who live pay check to pay check. He is only out to help the wealthy. I know Kerry is a very wealthy man and I certainly hope he isn't going to be like Bush, but he is going to see that there are thousands, even millions of us who are struggling on a daily basis to make ends meet. Vote this man out of office and send him back to Texas. I am ready for a change. Are you?"


"Donald Rumsfeld knew all about the torture that was going on in the Iraqi prisoners by Americans. We went over there because we said Saddam was torturing his citizens and then we became the torturers and no it's not abuse, it's torture, just like Saddam did. These types of things are not acceptable. Rumsfeld should resign. The soldiers that did these acts should be punished, but they were not the people who were acting out on their own, they were instructed to do these acts by people who are higher up and they are the ones who should have to go. It is in-humane and disgusting. They have stained our military, this is not what our armed forces were supposed to be about. Bush and his people are awful and can't be trusted, Rumsfeld has to go."

"I would like to complain about the people on Wesel Boulevard doing the construction. I just observed the man holding the stop sign making an obscene gesture. This is uncalled for, there are people like me that have little children in the car. These people need to be fired. This should not be allowed."

"I want to thank the Washington County Roads Department for sending over the street cleaners to clean the streets in Maugansville. I really appreciate our clean streets now."

"I am calling about the Mail Call that was in about boycotting gas on the 19th. I think they have made enough money to last them another year or two. So I don't think one day is going to hurt them."

"Has anyone been to the hospital lately? The parking up top there, they took out the guard shack, the left side is all handicapped, the right side is for the public people. If you pull in there, there is nowhere to turn around. I would like to thank the person who did that. If you pull up in there with a big vehicle and turn right to park, if there are no parking spaces, you can't back out unless you are a very good driver because there is only one way in and one way out."

"I believe the two candidates for the Boonsboro City Council should flip a coin to determine which one is gonna lose. That way they will save the town some money."

"I think people who put up yard sale signs should take them down after your yard sale or don't put them up at all."

"I am calling about the magazines, someone wanted to give them away. I am interested and my number is 301-739-0625, call after 5 p.m."

"I am interested in the magazines someone had to give away. My number is 301-991-9806."

"I am a 1989 graduate of South Hagerstown High School and I was wondering when they were going to have their 15 year reunion. Leave your number in Mail Call or call me at 240-420-0330."

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