Jefferson County commission briefs

May 21, 2004

Commission moves ahead on impact fees

CHARLES TOWN, W.Va. - The Jefferson County Commission on Thursday decided to move ahead on possibly implementing impact fees to support law enforcement and parks and recreation agencies in the county.

The commissioners discussed the possibility of implementing the fees last month but decided to hold off on further action until they got input from the Jefferson County Sheriff's Department and the Jefferson County Parks and Recreation Commission.

Both agencies support the fees, which led the commissioners Thursday to call for proposed ordinances implementing the fees to be drafted.

Impact fees are fees paid by housing developers to help offset the cost of new public services needed because of population growth.


The commissioners have already implemented an impact fee system for public schools.

Officials scale back sewer plant plan

CHARLES TOWN, W.Va. - The plan for a controversial $25 million sewer plant in Jefferson County has been scaled back, county sewer officials said Thursday.

Some county residents and officials have expressed concern that the plant, which was to be built along Cattail Run where the stream empties into the Shenandoah River, could cause a sharp increase in county sewer rates. Questions also were raised about whether the plant would open new areas for residential growth, which are not currently planned for growth.

Jefferson County Public Service District officials Susanne Lawton and Marty Kable told the Jefferson County Commission Thursday that the plan has been modified.

The size of the plant, if built, would be smaller than first envisioned and would be built in stages, which would require less money up front for the project, according to Lawton and Kable.

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