Letters to the editor 5/21

May 21, 2004

Barbarians show their true colors

To the editor:

After wrapping my head with duct tape to keep it from exploding, I had to respond to the letter from Cynthia Shank in Sunday's paper. Her entire letter was one sentence stating that the Iraqi prisoner scandal demonstrated who the true barbarians are.

True barbarians?

Well, let's compare the record.

After 10 years of a murderous despot thumbing his nose at the United Nations, the U.S. enforced the U.N.'s decrees that the U.N. itself would not.

Due to America's efforts, millions of Iraqis and Afghans were liberated from tyrants. Terrorists from every Middle East country then found their way into Iraq to fight the establishment of a Iraqi democracy that will be a full partner in the world community.


During this time, a very small number of U.S. personnel were allegedly found to be abusing prisoners. Our civilized process is investigating the reports, and the transgressors are being brought to justice.

Now let's look at the other side, the terrorist side.

Who flew planes into three buildings, killing 2,800 innocent persons in one day? Who declares their places of worship "holy and off limits" and then uses them for arsenals and firing platforms to shoot at our troops? Who dupes their mentally challenged adolescents into becoming suicide bombers? Who routinely recruits young men to blow themselves up on buses full of innocent civilians saying it is a way to get to heaven?

Who plotted a chemical attack in Amman? Who bombed the resort in Bali? Who bombed the train in Spain? Who videotaped a person's beheading? These are all the work of the terrorists.

I close with a recent quote from Democratic Senator Zell Miller of Georgia: "Why is it that Americans are more angered by a picture of an Iraqi prisoner with underwear on his head than a young American with no head at all?"

America is not perfect, but yes, Ms. Shank, we know who the true barbarians are.

Stephen R. Bockmiller

Middletown, Md.

Abortion procedures are horrendous

To the editor:

It may be worth our while considering what NOW activist Linda Smith and some other local women went off to Washington D.C., to protect a few weeks ago. Not just the woman's right to choose, but also the right to kill near-term babies by "intact dilation and extraction" or partial birth abortion (PBA).

An article in World magazine gives "The Ugly Truth." The article reports that Judge Richard C. Casey, a Clinton appointee, is making people give testimony in common language and not just euphemistic scientific terms. For instance, instead of telling a woman seeking a PBA that they would suck the babies brains out, abortionists prefer to say it is a "decompression of the skull."

But there are other means for doing these abortions. One doctor described observing a PBA in these terms: "They delivered the fetus intact until the head was lodged in the cervix ... then they reached up and crushed it. They used a forceps to crush the skull." Judge Casey asked, "The fetus is still alive at this point?" "Yes, sir." "Were the feet moving?" "Yes, sir, until the skull was crushed."

Another means of killing these babies is what a female abortion doctor called exsanguination. The judge asked, "Do you discuss the killing of the fetus?" She replied, "I tell them that when I cut the umbilical cord of the fetus, the fetus exsanguinates." In layman's terms the baby is left to bleed to death.

Please understand that usually these babies could live if left to live.

Politicians like Mikulski, Sarbanes, Rockefeller, Byrd, Clinton, Gore, Kerry, Edwards, and Gephart champion this type of abortion and protect it; it is sacred to them. And they use our tax dollars to pay for it. Thanks, ladies for keeping abortion safe and legal?

Edward L. James


Contempt is obvious

To the editor:

Once again your readers are subjected to Allan Powell's opinion. Powell's contempt for our president can be traced to his aversion to Christ and the fact that Bush makes no secret that he is a Christian.

For such a learned man, Powell frequently lets his emotions outrun his intellect. Does Powell feel that the Democratic party does not have its share of failures and poor judgment? Would he have your readers believe that being a Christian and supporting your president makes you somehow less able to participate in political debate?

Would Powell have us blindly follow a party or simply vote for someone because they have a D in front of their name? I do hope that is not the case. I would hope that someone that used to teach young minds would want people to educate themselves on the issues and not vote for or against someone simply based on emotion.

David S. Wilkinson

Martinsburg, W.Va.

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