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Letters to the editor 5/20

May 21, 2004

When God talked,institutions listened

To the editor:

Ah, nostalgia.

Your May 4 edition included a letter praising President Bush for among other things, "Getting counsel from God."

I grew up in a smallish Iowa town replete with good souls who talked regularly to God. That is, they prayed.

These who professed to receive replies were mostly residents at the state mental institution on the big hill at the west end of Cedar Street.

Bill Wilcox

Shepherdstown, W.Va.

No one beats GOP at posturing

To the editor:

The letter to the editor by Donald R. Currier in the Thursday, May 13 Daily Mail demands an immediate response. Currier has arrogantly accused the Democrats of using the Iraq prison scandal for partisan political advantage.


This is like a very dirty pot calling the kettle black. The Republican party has been doing the very same thing for years. Didn't Bush jump on a bandwagon and strut down the deck of an aircraft carrier in a flight suit with a "Mission Accomplished" sign in the background over a year ago? Was that not partisan politics? The White House has been trying to use the war on terror, and their insistence in melding the separate war on Iraq into the same cause, to their political advantage. Isn't this partisan politics?

If the present administration wants to take credit for what they think is good, they must also take credit for the bad. Our policies in the treatment of prisoners in Iraq, Guantanamo Bay and elsewhere has reduced us to the level of our terrorist enemies.

Questioning the Bush administration's handling of the war on terrorism and the separate war on Iraq is not partisan politics. It is about deep concern for the future of this country. We have an administration that is bungling both wars and increasing the threat of terrorism by their tactics. They must be held responsible and replaced to restore the reputation of this great country that they have smeared.

Richard J. McEvoy


Air Guard trip an eye-opener

To the editor:

Recently I had the distinguished honor to travel with a group of local business leaders, government officials and special individuals accompanying the 167th West Virginia Air National Guard to the Azores, Portugal, Germany and Iceland.

Led by Gen, "Speedy" Lloyd and General Fogelsong, both West Virginia heroes and both obvious "living legends" in their military lives, we all had the opportunity to experience and appreciate the very young and some not quite as young women and men, who represent us in today's armed services.

These exemplary patriots are the personification of what America's freedom is based upon. Today's world of terrorism, comprised of ruthless thugs and murderers, is out to destroy the basic fibers of freedom as we know them. Only with a strong offensive defense can we hope to preserve the love of liberty and way of life we currently enjoy.

The West Virginia Air National Guard/U.S. Air Force is special. The patriotism, pride, support, hard work and trust is truly something that all Americans could or should embrace. These men and women put their limbs and lives in harm's way without asking why or what is politically correct, or exemplification of sensationalism to make a profit, but for one simple reason - they love their country.

As a democratic republic we must not continue to take so much for granted. Give thanks to all that protect us and respect those who have paid the supreme sacrifice that we might enjoy our families, friends and fellow employees in our everyday way of life.

Since 9/11, I have made a practice of reaching out to grasp the hand, (not shake), of every uniformed military personnel of whom I come in contact and humbly, yet with the utmost respect, say: "Thank you for what you do for all of us." I would urge everyone to learn more about and support the West Virginia Air National Guard and consider belonging to this "family of freedom fighters."

And, oh yes, as Fogelsong would proclaim, "Bring your courage," you're gonna need it.

Ken Lowe

Shepherdstown, W.Va./

Ashamed to be American

To the editor:

First, an unjustified war. Then the torture and murder of civilians and prisoners. Today I am ashamed to be American.

Matthew Wagner


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