Bypassing Boonsboro

Residents say a proposed 'collector road' shouldn't go through their development

Residents say a proposed 'collector road' shouldn't go through their development

May 20, 2004|by SCOTT BUTKI

About 50 residents of a Boonsboro development, displeased that they did not know of plans for a bypass to go through part of the development until after they purchased their properties, attended a meeting with town officials Wednesday.

Brian Murphy, a resident of the Crestview development southwest of downtown Boonsboro, said an alternative must be found to running a bypass through the development. The road would attract fast drivers and cause safety problems, he said.

"We need to figure out a way to stop this," Murphy said at Wednesday's meeting with the town manager and the town planner. "It is a bad plan."


The residents will explore options, including filing a lawsuit against the town, Murphy said.

The town has been planning the bypass since the mid-1980s and it is in the town's and Washington County's comprehensive plans, Town Planner Jim Brittain said.

The planned bypass would be in three sections, making a semicircle connecting Md. 67, Md. 34, Md. 68, U.S. 40A and Md. 66. Developers requesting town annexation will pay the road's cost, he said.

Under the town's plan, Warrior Boulevard, which runs through Section C of Crestview, would connect Md. 34 to Md. 67, Town Manager John Kendall said. Currently, the road connects only to Md. 34, he said.

Crestview has 187 homes, including 86 in Section C, town documents show.

When the bypass is built and extended depends on when other development occurs, but it probably will be many years before the extension is complete, Brittain said. While Brittain referred to it as a "collector road," others called it a "bypass."

Kendall said the responsibility for disclosing the planned bypass was with the seller of the property, Ausherman Homes of Frederick, Md. He asked two Ausherman representatives in late 2002 to be sure to disclose the information to potential buyers.

But Crestview residents at Wednesday's meeting said they were not told about the plans.

Ausherman has sold 70 homes at the Crestview development, Barry Weller, division sales manager, said in an e-mail last week.

"My company sales people are trained to NEVER make representations about any property that we do not either own or control as contract purchaser," Weller said in a May 13 e-mail. "If prospective buyers have questions or concerns about adjacent property, they are directed to the local planning authority so that they can investigate it on their own.

"The fact is, if we don't control a property, we cannot tell anyone how it will be used," he said.

Weller said he did not know about the planned bypass until recently and knows of no request by town officials to mention the bypass to potential buyers.

Weller could not be reached for comment Wednesday.

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