Heath Ledger plays man on a mission

May 20, 2004

Thursday, May 205 p.m. on Showtime 2

"The Four Feathers"

Heath Ledger and Kate Hudson costar in the adaptation of A.E.W. Mason's novel, set in 1898 Sudan. A British soldier who resigns on the eve of battle isn't a coward, as his friends and family think - he's on a secret mission.

8 p.m. on WB

"Never Been Kissed"

Here's more undercover work, of a sort. Drew Barrymore plays a Chicago journalist who poses as a high school student (at her alma mater, no less) to report a story on high school life.

8 p.m. on PBS

"American Masters: Lucille Ball"

The kooky redhead's long run on "I Love Lucy" and its spinoffs set a standard for comedic performances that actors strive for today. This bio follows her journey as a TV star and Hollywood producer.

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