Car crashes into former bed and breakfast

May 20, 2004|by BRIAN SHAPPELL

FAIRPLAY - A quiet Wednesday evening in the 8600 block of Sharpsburg Pike was shattered when a car smashed through the brick exterior of a house formerly used as a bed and breakfast, nearby residents said.

"I heard a big bang and thought it was thunder," said Ellis Simpkins, who lives next to 8617 Sharpsburg Pike, the damaged residence.

Maryland State Police said the crash involving a 2001 Hyundai was reported at 9:25 p.m. Police said the driver, a Hagerstown man, was not seriously injured in the crash.


Police did not release the driver's name Wednesday night.

The car knocked through both the inside and outside layers of brick toward the ceiling of the basement and the outside layer of brick covering the area near the floor of a front room at the residence. Large chunks of brick and cement were strewn about the basement and caused damage to a water heater, water pump, various shelves and maintenance products kept in the basement.

Some of the chunks were thrown more than 20 feet across the basement and were in pools of water that apparently emptied from the displaced water heater.

Resident Floris Knight, who operated the Candlelight Bed & Breakfast Inn there in the past, said the living room also was damaged by the impact.

"The floor is buckled and it knocked the organ away from the wall by about a foot-and-a-half," Knight said.

Knight's wife, Joan Knight, said they were in the back room of the residence and that no one was near the rooms affected by the crash. Joan Knight said the driver was out of the car by the time she got outside.

"Thank God he wasn't hurt seriously," she said.

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