County moves to adjust landfill fees

May 19, 2004|by TARA REILLY

Washington County's landfill fees will increase for permit holders and large haulers but will decrease for other users as of July 1.

The County Commissioners approved the fee changes Tuesday. No residents attended a public hearing on the fees before the vote.

Landfill permit fees will increase from $75 a year to $90 a year for senior citizens and from $105 to $120 a year for other Washington County residents.

The proposed increases for permit holders would make up some of a $264,000 shortfall in the permit program.

The permit program has not been self-supporting because county residents have been sharing permits, according to a financial analysis by the county.


An increase in the cost of permits will reduce the shortfall to $169,022.

The fee changes for the larger haulers would help the county make up the remainder of the shortfall, Commissioners President Gregory I. Snook has said.

The fee for landfill users who drop off a ton or more of household garbage will decrease from $45 per ton to $39 per ton, according to the proposal.

Users bringing in rubble and building debris will pay $39 a ton, up from $35 a ton.

Haulers who dispose of 4,000 or more tons of trash a year, such as municipalities and local government agencies, will pay $39 a ton, up from $36 a ton.

Snook said he wanted the Solid Waste Department to give the commissioners a monthly tonnage report to determine whether the amount of garbage dropped off is affected by the fee changes.

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