Mail Call for 5/12

May 13, 2004

"To the person who thinks President Bush should apologize to the Iraqi soldiers. Why should he? Did the Iraqi soldiers apologize to the United States for the people they murdered on Sept. 11? The pictures were gross, but at least they are alive to talk about it. Thumbs up to George Bush."

"What kind of person can call in and defend the way our American soldiers treated those Iraqi prisoners? It's inhumane and disgusting. Yes, it's war and war is nasty, but we went into this country and set ourselves up with these great countries, with these great western values, we said Saddam was a torturer and committed cruel and unusual and terrible acts. Now our military has our soldiers doing the same things to the Iraqis. It's wrong and should be stopped. Donald Rumsfeld should have to resign along with the other ranking military officials that let this happen. They are making all the soldiers, who are small in rank, pay for the mistakes that they were apparently told to commit. These pictures are terrible and make our country look horrible."


"I have a question. I want to know why they travel so fast on Netz Road. It's not a racetrack, but they go down through here like there is no tomorrow."

"Dick Cheney said that Donald Rumsfeld is the best defense secretary America ever had. I find that hard to believe. Iraq, after a year, still a disaster and Americans dying every day. Afghanistan, though the government may be gone, is still a mess. People still have no freedom. Our president has done a horrible job along with Cheney and Rumsfeld."

"Due to the irresponsible conduct of our soldiers in Iraq with the prisoners, I know it's not right. But Bush said there was a stain on the United States' hands. Well, there was a stain on the United States hands before that even happened. Because blood stains never get removed. His administration put a stain that will never be removed!"

"Food Lion on Virginia Avenue has a bin outside the door for used plastic grocery bags. Other grocery stores probably do, too."

"I want to make a comment about this war. I back President Bush, but I think it's time for Iraq to fend for themselves and bring our people home. I don't want to see another Vietnam."

"If President Bush wouldn't have gotten into this fiasco that he calls a war, then you wouldn't be reading in the paper about these abused prisoners. Those people were sent over there to liberate a country, they didn't expect to be hated by the Iraqis, they didn't expect things to be cruel and unusual. What, are you kidding me? This is war, people die and people get hurt. Yet now the Americans have become the abusers. Hello, what is wrong with this picture? Get us out of Iraq, we have done all we can. We are just throwing more and more money into this stink hole and are losing more and more soldiers. By the way, Rumsfeld should resign. Someone knew what was going on in that prison."

"Don't tell us that getting rid of Rumsfeld would be putting our troops at harm. Harm has already been done. They are already being hurt by actions that were taken by a few in the military. If President Bush was so worried about our soldiers safety, he would have sent them over there with proper equipment. Did you know that many soldiers had to buy their own body armor or have their family ship it to them? The military wasn't prepared, they didn't even have enough military vehicles for our troops. That is why we keep getting burned up in these convoys, because they are basically riding around on four-wheelers. President Bush, you got us into this mess, get us out of this mess now. Someone stand up and take responsibility for their actions."

"Since when did Maugans' Avenue and Longmeadow Road become Alternate Route 81. The truck traffic on that stretch of road has gotten completely out of hand."

"I am looking for a picture of a country singer, Hawkshaw Hawkins. He was killed in a plane crash with Patsy Cline. If anyone knows where I can find one, I would appreciate it."

"What is the big deal about those prisoners being abused? At least we didn't shoot some of them in the head like they did to our people. So why don't you start whining about something else? Everyone is so quick to down America, find a better place to go and go live there."

"Will the newspaper do an article with pictures on the Rowe Amusement Park up at Conococheague? We used to go there when we were children and we took our young children there. I would like to see some pictures of where you used to go in and get the food and stuff like that."

"To the person who wanted to know about the little old lady who swallowed a fly. I have been singing that song since Burle Ives brought it back in the late '40s and early '50s. I have been singing that song forever."

"I want to know when the reunion for the Class of 1954 of the old Hagerstown High School is going to be. Who is in charge of that?"

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