City's hospital list includes zoning, parking

May 12, 2004

Following is the list of 17 items Hagerstown city officials asked Washington County Hospital officials to agree to at a May 3 closed meeting.The mayor and City Council have met with Washington County Health System officials three times since April 26 to discuss the health system's proposed move of its hospital from East Antietam Street to a site near Robinwood Medical Center.

The hospital has not agreed to the requests.

  • Washington County Health System will obtain proper zoning exceptions for several parcels of land owned by the health system - including where the hospital would be located - near Robinwood Medical Center. Those parcels would be annexed into the city. The city will provide water and sewer to the annexed properties pursuant to further terms of the agreement.

  • Two parcels from the Mount Aetna Farms development and one parcel from The Village at Robinwood will be annexed into the city.

  • The city will have final approval of the future use of the current hospital site. The city also requests that the three-story building fronting King Street, which holds the emergency room, be preserved along with others if possible for use as an urgent care center or other health-care facility.

  • Ownership of the hospital's 22-year-old parking garage and a nearby parking lot will be transferred to the city.

  • The hospital will work with the Presbyterian church and St. Mary's Church to purchase and demolish the Holiday Hotel on North Prospect Street. The health system will use the space to build a parking lot for the H.W. Murphy Community Health Center at Walnut Street, which the health system also operates.

  • The city will not be financially responsible for any road improvements or expansions, including construction of traffic signals, needed on the land to be annexed into the city under the agreement.

  • The hospital and other development partners will provide land and take any other steps needed to construct a new road and bridge from Professional Court across Antietam Creek to the new hospital site.

  • The hospital and other owners of property that will be annexed will pay for installation of water and sewer service. The hospital can recover some costs from nearby property owners if they also benefit from upgrades.

  • Water and sewer application fees and other connection charges must be paid in full, and the hospital will not be able to transfer its current allocation of water and sewer services to the new site.

  • All plans, permits and other development requirements will conform to the city's requirements.

  • The hospital will expand its role with the Washington County Free Clinic by partnering with the clinic and Christ Reformed Church to complete construction in the former Cannon Shoe Factory.

  • A new full-service urgent care center will be located at or near the current hospital and be fully operational when the new hospital opens.

  • The hospital will provide a one-time payment of $150,000 to Community Rescue Service to help pay for construction of a new downtown substation, and will pay $50,000 annually to the ambulance service.

  • The hospital will make a $350,000 annual payment to cover city services such as police and fire protection. The payment would be adjusted in the future for inflation.

  • The hospital will work with the Washington County Commission on Aging and give $50,000 annually to help pay for a faith-based senior program expected to begin in 2005.

  • The hospital will help the city, county, the Commission on Aging and other community social service programs pay for transportation service for senior citizens to get to health-care facilities, including the new hospital.

  • The city will tell the Maryland Health Care Commission it supports the hospital's certificate of need application - which the commission must approve before the hospital moves - if the hospital agrees to change its application to reflect the requests and reflect any changes required by the commission.
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