Letters to the editor - 5/12/04

May 12, 2004

Dogs weren'tthe issue

To the editor:

After reading your article about the March of Dimes walk for preemies, I was appalled. I was actually looking for the name of my granddaughter, who took the time to arrange for a team of her family and friends to walk for this cause.

She is also the mother of a preemie who has gone though what no parents should experience with a child who was not supposed to live, according to the doctors. Through lots of prayer and good doctors and nurses, this baby is alive by the grace of God.

For you to print stories of dogs instead of children was a very insensitive thing to do. Where are your priorities? In others stories about walk-a-thons you print stories about the families. Where were the stories regarding the plight of these parents who have only survived through their faith and support systems? I hope you will rewrite this and include the real heroes - the parents and the children who have survived these horrific experiences.


Jesse and Betty Englehart


Bush legacy: Death and debt

To the editor:

The exposed torture at Abu Ghraib prison was systemic, not just a few bad apples, if you believe The New Yorker article by Seymour M. Hersh and the culprits' own "I was just following orders" defenses. Of course, the president and the Pentagon would like you to believe in the "isolated incident" story. Can you blame Iraqis for trying to kick America's occupying army out of their country? If Bush wins re-election on the promise to "stay the course," I guess America deserves what it will get - more death and debt.

The abuses at Abu Ghraib are in line with the Muslim view of the depravity of American or Western culture. Osama Bin Laden's talking points about the "Great Satan" have been proved.

Bush is the only president for whom I ever voted, but he was not running on a nation-building platform the first time. Too bad Bush is on a messianic mission to bring democracy to the desert tribes of the Middle East, because Bush is not a messiah. In terms of damage done to this country fiscally and to its reputation in the rest of the world, Bush may be judged by historians to be the anti-messiah.

Joseph Parker

Martinsburg, W.Va.

Sisters a class act

To the editor:

Thank you for the great article "Smithsburg sisters caring for dog owned by soldier in Iraq." I was at Brocroft kennels with my dog when the soldier brought in his Nikki along with her blankets, bowls and toys. He was crying, Rheeanna was crying and when I heard what was happening, I was teary.

That these sisters would take in and care for this soldier's best friend is no surprise to me. Their obvious love of animals, kindness and caring is why I have been a regular customer for years.

Rita Brizzee

Waynesboro, Pa.

Thanks, Suns

To the editor:

I would like to thank the Hagerstown Suns for sponsoring the "Strike Out Tobacco Day" ball game on April 17. The event was co-sponsored by the American Lung Association and the youth group TRASH. There was a tremendous amount of information given out on the harmful impact of tobacco smoke on both the smoker and innocent nonsmokers who are exposed to secondhand smoke. There were a lot of freebies for the kids including "Strike Out Tobacco" T-shirts and hats.

The Suns will be sponsoring a "tobacco free batting practice" following their 1:35 p.m. game on July 18 at Municipal Stadium. The event will be open free of charge to the public. In addition to mingling with the Suns players, the kids and adults will get several messages from the Suns players and staff on how to lead a smoke-free life. The Washington County Health Department will be present to assist smokers who wish to quit.

I urge everybody to attend this event, root for the Suns and learn how to lead a life free from tobacco.

John H. O'Hara

President of Maryland GASP

Women must submit to God's plan for them

To the editor:

I have enjoyed the letters written lately against abortion. Whoever thought Americans could have ever reached such a state?

I am reminded of Genesis 3:16 unto the woman he said I will greatly multiply thy sorrow and thy conception: "In sorrow though shalt bring fourth children, and they desire shalt be to thy husband, and he shall rule over thee."

It can be hard for some women to submit to God's plan, but if they love God enough and try, God will help them. It will be a million times easier to face God at the judgment without the blood of their helpless children on their hands.

R. Richard Martin


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