Choice marches may cost millions of lives

May 09, 2004|by Dee Mayberry

National Organization for Women (NOW) activist Linda Smith said she boarded a bus to go to Washington to march for something she calls abortion rights. The Herald-Mail printed her ideas about several related medical matters.

As Smith calls herself a "health professional," an immediate question arises about her medical scholarship, her education and credentials. She suggests a "fetus" is little more than a zero until it is "viable." What medical or nursing school taught her that? The moment life begins has been the subject of debate by high-powered research experts pondering the question for years. Nice to know a clinic-employed health worker is right here in Hagerstown to set them straight.

Smith seems interested in women's rights. Likely, she would serve herself better if she moved into political or legal fields. "Rights" belong in these areas, not in medical conversations. It appears Smith has taken to the local NOW chapter the spin sent down by the national headquarters for relay as gospel. NOW activists parrot the same tiresome jargon; and sadly, Tri-County activists seem to lack words or arguments of their own.


All of the above brings one down to facts. If Smith were more than a "health professional" (whatever that is), if for example she were an OB/GYN surgical nurse, she would know something about Caesarian sections understood to save lives in dangerous early or late-term emergencies. In worst-case events hysterectomies can stop hemorrhages, saving lives of both mothers and babies.

If she were a broadly trained psychiatrist she might argue with the notion that adoption causes more emotional trauma than that usually reported post-abortion.

If Smith were a social work expert, she would contrast her one case of adoption pain with that of the heartbroken childless couples waiting for years for a chance to love adoption list babies.

If she were an immigration worker, she would know the trials and expense people go through to bring infants into their homes from as far away as Romania, China, or anywhere else the unwanted or orphaned may be found.

Smith was not queried by The Herald-Mail on the number of legal, clinic-performed abortion accidents that result in death or permanent sterility.

If she were the most callous M.D. serving in a clean clinic she would face the nightmare of using cutting, scraping instruments in the blind world of D&C. Doctors know the walls of the non-pregnant uterus are well-defined, readily found by skilled hands. They also know those walls are obscured by fluffy, cloud-like materials in the pregnant uterus. She would have to wonder how to see, feel or divine where lethal puncture points might lie. This dilemma is universal - whether in back alleys or nice legal clinics sometimes employing expensive sonogram assistance.

By an outdated count, the pro-abortionists had killed some 2 million American babies. Today, this number must have soared.

Worse, "choice" really does not exist for the uninformed patient walking into an abortion office persuaded that the procedure is safe, easy and convenient. Choice occurs only where full knowledge of risk, physical and emotional, is present. In reality, choice exists only for the fully informed doctor who decides whether or not to undertake risky adventures with female lives.

Some offer pills or injection of salt water to kill babies. Women tend not to be told these methods cause pain and delivering dead babies can hurt as much as the birth of live ones.

Judging from comment made by thousands of marchers April 25, their "choices" appear part political (defeat George Bush and his policies), part emotional (don't tell us what we can or can't do) and part financial (there are big bucks in the misery business).

One hopes Smith and her pals had fun with their signs in Washington, D.C. Maybe their moment before the press will succeed in tearing apart a couple million more potential authors, artists, statesmen, Madame Curies, Dr. Schweitzers - maybe even future abortion advocates to take Smith's place in later generations managing to survive thousands of shrill "kill more" voices, shouting about women's lives, health and rights.

By the way, I am a former member of the Hagerstown Chapter of NOW and resigned over the national organization's position on abortion.

Dee Mayberry is a Williamsport resident who writes for The Herald-Mail.

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