Kimberley erases coach from JB books

May 07, 2004|by ANDREW MASON

Last fall, James Buchanan junior Jeremiah Kimberley credited his Mid-Penn Class AA cross country title to "chasing goats all over tarnation" on his family's farm.

Last Saturday in a dual meet at Mercersburg Academy, the goat was JB track coach Daryl Hunsberger, or at least that's whom Kimberley was chasing.

No one else was close.

Kimberley won the 800-meter run in 1 minute, 55.9 seconds, breaking Hunsberger's 17-year-old school record by 2.3 seconds while turning in arguably the area's top boys performance on the track this season. Kimberley, who had never broken 2 minutes, led the entire race and won by 7 seconds.


"My first lap was 54 and my second lap was 61," Kimberley said. "I was running by myself. I did that by myself. It definitely took some cojones."

And some guidance from Hunsberger, a 1987 JB graduate.

"You got to love my coach. I couldn't have done it without him," Kimberley said. "My goal was to break 2 minutes, but in the back of my mind I've always been thinking about breaking his record. That's what he's been coaching me to do."

Now, the joke's on Hunsberger.

"He's had this joke with me since I couldn't break 2 minutes," Kimberley said. "He'd come up to me and say, 'What are you?' and I'd have to say, 'I'm a 2-minute half-miler.' After the race, I went up to him and said, 'I'm a 1:55 half-miler.'"

For now.

"I think I've got a 1:52 half-miler," said Hunsberger of Kimberley. "Jeremiah is just such a talent. I can't say enough about the kid. I've worked so hard with him to get him to break that record.

"It was just putting the elements together," Hunsberger said. "He kept running all this 2-flat stuff, and I knew that was going to go out the window. He put everything he had into it. It was him against the clock. It was just his will."

Now, Kimberley can't wait to match his will against the state's best later this month.

"If I was running with someone, I think I could run 1:52 or 1:53," he said. "But not by myself."

Hunsberger seems certain that Kimberley's record performance was more than just a once-in-a-lifetime effort.

"Once you've put your body through that much pain and reached that level, you can get there again and again," he said. "It's just him getting comfortable with himself."

n Girls dream race: Thomas Johnson's Chelsea Powell vs. Chambersburg's Kylee Schuler in the 1,200, if there were such a track event.

Each is in a league of her own in the Tri-State. Powell has run 2:16.7 in the 800, while Schuler has run 5:05.3 in the 1,600. The all-time Tri-State records for those events are 2:15.84 and 5:04.99.

The all-time Tri-State records (followed by Washington County's; all times measured or converted into FAT):


100 - James Jett (Jefferson, 1989) 10.62; Dwayne Freeman (South Hagerstown, 1987) 10.84.

200 - James Jett (Jefferson, 1989) 21.39; Gene O'Keefe (North Hagerstown, 1965) 21.54.

400 - James Jett (Jefferson, 1989) 47.74; Dwayne Freeman (South Hagerstown, 1988) 48.24.

800 - Doug Walter (Chambersburg, 1986) 1:52.14; Richard Newton (South Hagerstown, 1962) 1:54.54.

1,600 - Doug Walter (Chambersburg, 1986) 4:13.74; Jeff Scuffins (North Hagerstown, 1980) 4:19.04.

3,200 - Chris Fox (Martinsburg, 1977) 8:54.64; Terry Baker (Williamsport, 1973) 9:14.44.

110H - Randall Jones (Thomas Johnson, 1997) 14.15; Mike Stotler (Boonsboro, 1988), Dan Robinson (Boonsboro, 2004) 14.64.

300H - Ronnie Beard (Frederick, 2003) 37.94; Brett Morrell (Boonsboro, 2003) 38.94.

400 relay - Chambersburg (O'Neal, Harrison, Houser, Rearick, 1990) 42.54; North Hagerstown (G. Hoult, Stoner, Linzer, D. Hoult, 1958) 42.84.

800 relay - Frederick (Smith, McLean, Hardy, Holland, 1986) 1:28.54; North Hagerstown (G. Hoult, Stoner, Linzer, D. Hoult, 1958) 1:30.54.

1,600 relay - Chambersburg (Barbour, Mata, Purnell, Doaks, 1984) 3:21.24; North Hagerstown (Smith, Behan, Towns, Winslow, 1987) 3:25.14.

3,200 relay - Hedgesville (Cushwa, A. Johnson, Yost, S. Johnson, 1995) 7:52.04; Williamsport (Troxell, Buchman, Oliver, Hewitt, 2004) 7:58.15.

High jump - Steve Moore (Chambersburg, 1978) 7-1 1/2; Steve Milburn (Williamsport, 1979) 6-6.

Long jump - Mike Hairston (Martinsburg, 1978) 23-8; Dwayne Freeman (South Hagerstown, 1988) 23-5.

Triple jump - Keith Jenkins (Frederick, 1998) 49-6; Dwayne Freeman (South Hagerstown, 1988) 45-9.

Discus - Vikas Gowda (Frederick, 2001) 200-2; Ryan Martin (Williamsport, 2003) 180-8.

Shot put - Vikas Gowda (Frederick, 2001) 63-3 1/2; Jim Rodgers (Smithsburg, 1979) 57-10 1/2.

Pole vault - Greg McCormick (Middletown, 2000) 15-0; David Miller (North Hagerstown, 2001) 14-0.


100 - Imani White (Frederick, 2003) 11.80; Helen Jessie (North Hagerstown, 1983) 12.34.

200 - Michelle Higginbottom (Frederick, 1997) 24.64; Zoe Hunt (Smithsburg, 1993) 25.34.

400 - Michelle Higginbottom (Frederick, 1995) 54.95; Marie Grosz (Boonsboro, 1977) 58.44.

800 - Debbie Dukes (Musselman, 1987) 2:15.84; Lynn Ziegler (North Hagerstown, 1988) 2:19.84.

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