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May 06, 2004

"About the landfill fees, why wait six months to review the new charges and see if they are competitive with surrounding areas? Do it now, Mr. Snook, instead of saying we might have to possibly lower it back down. Experience teaches that they will never be lowered back down. I suggest that the county finds a panel of volunteers of 10 seniors to go in and do a study as to why they are losing money. Now that may be interesting."

"Can someone tell me when the North Hagerstown High School Class reunion of 1984 is going to be and where it is going to be held?"

"To the people who dropped their dog Dominick off at our farm on Leitersburg Pike. No, we can't give him a home. He is at the Humane Society. A good Samaritan got your tag number."

"I just wanted to let people know that you act like Clinton was the only president that had an affair. Look at all the other presidents who had affairs and nothing was ever mentioned about them. A few of them had children and were married while in office. The only reason they are downing Clinton is because he was voted into another term. That is the only reason. I am sick of hearing about Clinton's affair. It's not my business, it's not your business and none of anyone's business, but him and his wife."


"Thanks to the newspaper once again, we find out exactly who our County Commissioners are actually working for. There was an article in there about the dump rates being lowered for the big business. Here they are again, they don't help the seniors or the regular people with the dump rates, they lower the rates for the big person and what is going to happen with this is, the dump is going to get filled up and who is going to have to pay to get a new dump, the taxpayers. Not these big businesses. Something needs to be done with these County Commissioners, we need to clean house. Get someone in there who cares about the people, not the big businesses."

"About the Republicans always being for the rich. I am very, very poor and I have never gotten anything from a Democrat yet. I have gotten more from Republicans. Democrats always give away everything free."

"In response to the person who said that they have a lot of the plastic bags from the grocery stores. I take mine to the Salvation Army or Rescue Mission. Then, that way, they don't have to pay for them."

"I was wondering if there were any parents, grandparents or school-age children who remember a song that goes, 'There was an old woman who swallowed a spider.' I have been trying to find that song so I can remember the lines to it, so I can sing it to my granddaughter. I always enjoyed hearing it when I was in school and my children."

"I wish that the government would retire this funny looking new currency of many colors and bring back the classic, green and genuine looking paper money."

"What a few soldiers did to prisoners in Iraq has only made America hated more in the Islamic world. More ammunition against America. Americans should hang their head in shame for what these few men have done while wearing our uniform."

"Talk about noise pollution and fast cars. Have the state or city police come out on Edgewood Drive from Dual Highway out to Robinwood between 3 and 6 p.m. in the evening and between 10:30 to 11:30 at night and you will get all the noise and all the high speed you want."

"I read in the paper on Friday where an 11-year-old girl got pregnant twice by two different people. I just think that it's a shame that she had to go through all that. It's a shame that it had to happen to her, but at least the person who did this to her got caught and now the parents are aware of what had happened."

"To the person who has the plastic bags, you can take them to the Salvation Army Thrift Store on Frederick Street, also on Dual Highway, I am not trying to be nosy, but what are they building? What is that new building right down from where Freddies used to be, between there and Pizza Hut? Does anyone know what that building is going to be?"

"Last year Congress approved and the President signed a bill allocating $18.4 billion for aid to Iraq and for rebuilding. Well, guess what? They only spent $1 billion. The rest of it is still sitting in a bank except for a few billion here and there for other purposes such as security, building an embassy for the United States and administrative costs. The president has taken our hard-earned tax dollars and sent it to Iraq so that it can be spent on purposes other than what it was given for. That should be against the law and the president should be made to answer for what he is doing with our money and especially for what he is doing with our soldiers."

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