Letters to the editor

May 03, 2004

Better coffee, please

To the editor:

Starbucks, please come to Hagers-town! SOS! It is very difficult to get consistently good carry-out coffee here. Sheetz? Maybe 10 percent OK.

7-Eleven? Maybe 30 or 40 percent OK.

Dunkin Donuts? Maybe 80 percent. Borders? Maybe 80 or 90 percent OK. The best places I've found so far are the booths at Prime Outlets or Valley Mall food courts.

Either the machines are not being cleaned properly, the correct amount of coffee is not being used or the coffee quality is horrible. Anyone who knows the real Starbucks knows it is consistently good at any of its outlets. I've been here for four months now, after being gone for 30 years. A great location for starters would be the plot of land or end store at Weis Markets' Dual Highway vicinity.


Terry Lund
Williamsport HS '74

Show Choir show out of this world

To the editor:

To our Hagerstown citizenry:

You missed the superlative Show Choir? How could you? Well, you don't know what excellent superiority you deprived yourselves from. Tonight, April 27, was their first show. I suppose they themselves did not realize how superior it really was, or they would have given themselves all the publicity possible.

This letter is really for those who feel forced to support Hagerstown Community College, and send letters now and then saying we do not need music and art in our schools. I got a hollow feeling in my midriff when they sang "Over There" tonight, and I thought about how we seniors so many years ago watched as our classmates went over there.

Have we been doing much else since then but teaching them how an enemy is a good enemy only when he is dead? Are we promoting opportunities for them to live and become citizens in their own rights?

The Superlative Show Choir arranged the program around the decades from 1900 through 1990s. Some of the choreography was done by students under the direction of their instructor, Korby Moss Sanders. They called it a 20th Century Celebration orchestrated by Pete Schmutte. There were 12 of them, and all of their music was outstanding. The soloists were great and the full choir could not have expressed more pride than they did in "Grand Old Flag." We liked "Stompin at the Savoy," "Paper Moon," "Rock Around the Clock," "Shake Your Booty" and many more.

I wish you could take your show around the world.

Olive Peters

Democracy Rules!

To the editor:

Please allow me to introduce to you the Democracy Rules Web site, a proactive community dedicated to the original democratic principles espoused by our nation's forefathers.

Democracy Rules is a free, nonprofit, non-affiliated, issue-oriented political action committee. Each month, we enable members to affect more than 350 important issues, regardless of who is in office, which party controls Congress or when the next election occurs.

Democracy Rules has the potential to eliminate both the corrupting effects of the special interest lobbying groups and the apathy affecting America's voters. Each month, our members vote to prioritize their most important issues, pledge resources to affect these issues and finally, vote for the recipient of their pledges.

Please take a minute to inspect our Web site. This is our URL:

Ray Cashman
Executive Director
San Francisco, CA

Thanks so much

To the editor:

I am writing to say thank you and let everyone at Washington County Hospital know how much we appreciate everything they are doing and have done for our family. My brother Dwyer Conklin was in an auto accident Jan. 26 on Interstate 70.

When he and his friend were driving back to base from a weekend pass, his friend lost control of the car. They were hit by a tractor-trailer, leaving my brother in a coma and with severe brain damage.

The staff at Washington County Hospital has been wonderful. Not only have they provided outstanding care to my brother, they have been very supportive toward us and have given us as much information as they can.

I am grateful my brother is at a facility that has such a caring staff. It is nice to see people care and take pride in what they do. They really make a difference.

We will never be able to thank them enough for all they have done and all they continue to do.

Without them, my brother would not have had a chance and I feel they play an important part in his recovery. Since our family is in New York and Washington state we are not able to be with Dwyer every day. It gives us peace knowing he is with such caring people.

Theresa Conklin
Brooklyn, N.Y.

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