Maginnis' recent abortion column was an abomination

May 02, 2004|by Richard Giovanoni

Bob Maginnis' local viewpoint column of April 21 absolutely is a disaster in the annals of editorial misadventure. Why did you decide to give all this coverage to the pro-abortion side without a similar interview of a pro-life representative of the silent-no-more group that will be demonstrating the same day? These are the women and men who can tell you about the real hurt of abortion. Where was your column on the massive Pro-Life March last January?

If Linda Smith thinks the "back alley" abortions of the pre-Roe era were so bad, why does she think that today's industry is any better? There is less regulation of the abortion mills than there is for a veterinary office. Why does her group resist all attempts to regulate and oversee the care given these women for whom she claims to be so concerned? The book "Lime 5" lists the horrors women have been subjected to in these unregulated clinics.


Since when is it moral to kill your baby because you had a failure of your contraceptive method of choice?

Where is her concern for the higher breast cancer risk that some say is the lot of women who have abortions? As a health-care worker, she should know that one of the best protections against breast cancer is a full term pregnancy at an early age.

I have yet to find any proof that, with today's care, of any instance of a medical condition that requires a direct killing of a child in the womb to save the life of the mother.

Abortion is not a matter of religion. It is a matter of our natural rights as a human being. Please read the works of the Libertarians for Life. This group can never be called religious by any measure. It comes down to our right to life as an innocent human being. Science tells us it is a human baby. Obviously, any religion with a thoughtful concern for God's creation will come up with the same stance. To kill an innocent human being is wrong. We are the same person who started life at conception and that's just a plain fact of life. If you did not start out as a human being, then you are not one now. If the fetus has no rights, then you have none.

According to Smith, a mother who gave her child up for adoption later had "psychological problems all her life." This was after giving her child the chance to live a full life, just think of her problem if she thought about having had her child cut up, sucked out and put in the trash.

And how about the child? Offhand, I believe he or she is very thankful, that mother chose life. As far as "ramifications" go both the child and the mother will always be better off.

As a medical professional Smith is less than truthful about the action of the so-called "emergency contraceptive pills." She certainly ought to know that one of the methods by which it works is to stop implantation of the newly conceived child. The new baby simply starves to death. There is only a substitution of death by chemical attack as opposed to mechanical.

I hope Maginnis will, one of these days, get around to illustrating the "editorial fairness" he always talks about as being a hallmark of his paper.

Richard Giovanoni is a resident of Hagerstown.

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