Mail Call

May 01, 2004

"I understand that President Bush and Vice President Cheney requested that the 9/11 commission provide only one chair, because Bush intends to sit on Cheney's lap to make it easier for Cheney to move Bush's mouth. I wonder if theywill wear their Purple Hearts, Bronze Stars and Silver Stars. Oops! I forgot, they will be wearing yellow stripes."

"I would like to send a big thank you to Dr. Hamilton and Joyce Lee for being so kind and so nice to me. You both take that extra minute and go that extra mile to chat, even as busy as you are. By the way, your new building is great and both of you are, too. Have a good day, from a Williamsport patient."

"Someone wanted to know if there were any churches in the community that had transportation for someone in a wheelchair. If you call the Bethel Assembly of God on Wilson Boulevard, they have a shuttle bus."


"I think the best place for a new hospital would be at the soon vacant Allegheny Power. They had in the paper that they are going to move and it will be up for sale. To avoid millions of dollars, that would be an ideal place, should be plenty of ground there."

"I want to thank the people who came downtown who were dressed like the Easter bunny and they took pictures of children. It was cute and I appreciated it very much. Thanks to everyone who participated in that."

"I would like to know whether or not the plastic bags that I save from shopping get recycled if I put them in one of the big green Dumpsters like the one behind the Funkstown Fire Department and other places. If not, where can I take them to be recycled. I end up with quite a few of them at a time."

"On Wilson Boulevard where the old lumber yard used to be, is something going in there, is someone opening up a factory or something?"

"To all the Bush lovers who think he is doing the right thing: He isn't doing the right thing by going into Iraq. Why don't we just go all over the world killing everyone and then we won't have any ammunition. Bush is just as bad as any terrorist."

"For the person interested in the MS support group, we meet in Hagerstown the third Tuesday of every month, in the Activities Building of the Potomac Center, not at Marshall Street School. For more information, call 1-800-FIGHTMS, ext. 114."

"I just read in Mail Call where someone said Bush is doing a great job of fighting terrorism in a foreign country, like Iraq because they feel safer. Tell that to the parents who are getting their children coming home in caskets with a flag draped over it."

"In regards to Hagerstown City Administrator Bruce Zimmerman's comment about the low turnout, that doesn't mean that people approve of the budget, it means that the people don't go down there because they won't listen to them anyway."

"I would like to know who makes the decision to pave the roads in Washington County. Because down on Kemps Mills Road outside of Williamsport, which is traveled by so many campers and RVs every weekend, that road is so bad, so many potholes and the patchwork down there is just ridiculous. I think the county needs to get down there and take a good look at that road. Get it repaved and widened, did you hear me?, widened before someone gets hurt passing one of those big RVs. I can't believe that this road hasn't been paved in, it looks like years."

"For more than five years now, a tract of land has not been plowed or cut on Security Road. This doesn't seem fair to the other residents in this area. We have to trim and cut our lawn, but nobody wants to do anything about these weeds. They are over three feet tall. The land is within the city limits so someone needs to come look at it."

"The people who are doing the development up near Pangborn Boulevard's railroad overpass, they need to come back and fix the road. This isn't fair to the residents. I don't know when the development is supposed to be finished, but they need to do something about the road now."

"To the person who had her purse stolen at Kmart. Here is a very simple solution to not getting your purse stolen. Find a cart that has one of those buckles for a child. Buckle your pocket book in because when a person tries to steal your purse, it will take them longer to get your purse out of the cart and you may be able to catch them the next time."

"I don't know why people are always saying that the Republicans are always for the rich and not the poor. I am very rich and I don't think I have ever gotten anything special from the Republicans."

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