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Blast from past

April 28, 2004

Week of April 25, 1954

The operator of a garage and filling station along Route 40 on the Park Head level about eight miles east of Hancock is protesting a new program of the State Roads Commission which has placed posts in front of his property, forcing autos to enter or leave on a designated road.

Daylight savings time went into effect at 2 a.m. today in 18 states and the District of Columbia. You'll get your lost hour of sleep back in the fall when "fast" time ends.

A one-acre ridge near Antietam Furnace has yielded about 1,000 mushrooms in two days this week. Myron L. Bloom, a member of the House of Delegates and well known St. James businessman, picked 600 in several hours one day and returned a few days later and found 400 more on the same ridge.

Week of April 25, 1979

Speaking for the Washington County Committee of the Maryland Historical Trust, Mrs. James E. Byron said, "We intend to devote all of our energies to supporting efforts to preserve our local stone bridges. That means, of course, that the bridge at Wilsons - the oldest in the county - has top priority in our thinking at the moment."


In a recent city council meeting a research team recommended the city use its trash - and the county's - to partially fuel the Hagerstown municipal power plant generators. The idea isn't a new one. As long as 10 years ago local officials were looking at projects of this type in Europe and initial efforts at the same thing in this country.

Hagerstown Mayor Pat Paddack said the city's current $9.1 million budget is working on a $700,000 deficit that could be hiked even more by the end of the fiscal year on June 30.

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