Letters to the editor

April 22, 2004

Hard worker

To the editor:

As a student at Shippensburg University, I will soon be using my degree in public administration and political science to search for a career or pursue avenues of a graduate degree.

After speaking to Rob Kauffman about concerns of young people entering the job market, I will be voting for him in the primary election. Whether it is the cost of higher education, the quality of our education or the social issues facing us today, Kauffman shares our concerns. I know he will work hard in Harrisburg to improve our schools and most importantly, the job market.

Having met one of the other candidates in this election, I will without a doubt be voting for Rob Kauffman. I am convinced he has a solid grasp on the issues that matter most to the residents of our area.


Julie Pharo
Shippensburg, Pa.

Ignore Bush's support of Specter

To the editor:

Supporters of liberal Republican Sen. Arlen Specter seem to have one thing going for them in the April 27 primary: The fact that Specter is being publicly supported by President Bush and Pennsylvania Sen. Rick Santorum.

Sounds pretty important doesn't it? Well, it's not. As a Republican president, Bush is obligated to support an incumbent Republican. Sen. Santorum is acting out of obligation to Specter, who turned his organization over to him near the end of his campaign when he first ran for the Senate.

Santorum is acting out of gratitude and loyalty, virtues we should all admire. But does anyone seriously think that the conservative Santorum wouldn't rather have conservative Pat Toomey sitting next to him in the Senate next year?

What's really important in this election? It's the principles of the respective candidates and the issues they would support in the Senate. Can anyone seriously contend that Specter represents the principles and beliefs of rank-and-file Republicans? According to the 2004 Almanac of American Politics, Specter has a 60 percent rating from the radical ACLU, among the highest of any Republican senator. He is also one of the darlings of Democrats in the Senate because he has stood with them on so many issues during his 24 long years in that body.

Time for a new face. Time for a real conservative.

Barbara J. Twigg
Chambersburg, Pa.

Enough of Specte

To the editor:

It's time for Pennsylvania Republicans to replace incumbent Sen. Arlen Specter with a nominee who represents their principles. They will have a chance to do just that in the April 27 primary.

Twenty-four years of Specter are enough. Twenty-four years of voting with the Democrats on many key issues. Twenty-four years of being one of a handful of liberal Republican senators who join with Democrats to stop Republican initiatives for lower taxes, protecting the lives of the unborn and conservative judicial appointments.

Sen. Specter's challenger, Pat Toomey, is one of the most respected and active young men in the Congress in pushing Republican principles and legislation. Pennsylvania needs someone who will be there for years to come, fighting for liberty and a strong America.

James B. Taylor
Mercersburg, Pa.

'One of us'

To the editor:

On April 27, I believe we should elect a man who is "one of us" as our next state representative, Rob Kauffman.

Kauffman has strong roots here. He is a local guy who is a fifth generation resident of this area. He is raising his family here and he understands what our community needs and shares our conservative values.

As a Greene Township supervisor, Kauffman made sure to hold the line on taxes. He has experience in government that proves to me that Rob can "hit the ground running" in Harrisburg.

He has also worked with Rep. Pat Fleagle, who also endorses Kauffman.

I know Kauffman personally and I can attest to his faith. He doesn't just say it. He lives it. It's time to send someone to Harrisburg who understand our concerns and shares our values.

Jeff Foreman
Chambersburg, Pa.

Vote Kauffman

To the editor:

In the April 27 primary election, we will have to choose a candidate to be our next representative. We decided we would vote for the guy who worked the hardest to earn our vote. A strong work ethic now means he will work for us in Harrisburg. Rob Kauffman has earned our vote.

As a Greene Township supervisor, we know Rob works hard to keep our taxes low and improve our infrastructure. He also worked hard for Rep. Pat Fleagle as his district aide. Rep. Fleagle is endorsing Rob, so that must mean he thinks Rob will work hard for us, too.

And finally, Kauffman came out in the rain to go door to door to talk about his common-sense plan for our area. Any guy this committed to finding out how we feel about issues facing our area is the kind of man we need in Harrisburg.

Jerry and Mary Rosenberry
Chambersburg, Pa.

Realistic plan

To the editor:

We feel the choice for state representative in the April primary is clear: We should send Rob Kauffman to Harrisburg.

We have listened to all sides and we believe that Kauffman has the most realistic plan and experience to work to keep our health care affordable and accessible, create new jobs and fight to get our fair share back from Harrisburg. And he'll work to keep our taxes low.

If you are senior citizens like us who care about skyrocketing prescription drug costs, affordable medical care and holding the line of property taxes, join us in voting for Rob Kauffman on April 27.

Floyd and Peggy Reiley
Chambersburg, Pa.

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