Blast from the Past April 18

April 21, 2004

Week of April 18, 1954

The Washington County Historical Society, which sponsored the restoration of the home of Hagerstown's founder, has received a certificate or endorsement from the Department of the Interior attesting to the historical and architectural finds "as possessing exceptional historical and architectural interest and as being worthy of the most careful preservation for the benefit of future generations and that to this end a record of its present appearance and condition has been deposited for permanent reference in the Library of Congress."

Magistrate Evan Crossley made a proposal to the Board of County Commissioners this week that the Board buy trucks and authorize their use to haul beer cans and beer bottles that have been tossed along county roads.

He said he would attempt to work out a method of sentencing youth to work along the roads gathering those cans and bottles.

Fairchild Corporation won't be handing out bubble gum to the kiddies at this year's gigantic annual picnic.


Last year some 50,000 sticks or balls of gum were given to youngsters and, believe it or not, it took five men with snow scrapers something like three full days to scrape up the wads of gum from the big grandstand and betting ring at the fairgrounds.

Week of April 18, 1979

The new Washington County Outdoor School looks like a flying saucer perched on a mountain above Clear Spring. The main administration and classroom building is a nearly round structure that overlooks the entire Hagerstown Valley.

The Washington County Commissioners will hear a recommendation from Sheriff Glenn Bowman that the Smithsburg resident deputy program be scrapped for a deputy who would be assigned to the entire Smithsburg area, which includes Cascade, Leitersburg, Cavetown and Ringgold.

The Maryland State Highway Administration plans to install Funkstown's second traffic light at the intersection of U.S. 40-A and Oak Ridge Drive within the next several months, according to SHA Administrator M.S. Caltrider.

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