Violence prevention tips

April 20, 2004

In recognition of the events at Columbine High School five years ago, the National Crime Prevention Council offered the following tips to parents to help prevent violence in the community:

  • If you keep firearms at home, ensure that they are securely locked, that ammunition is locked and stored separately and that children know weapons are never to be touched without your permission and supervision.

  • Take an active role in your children's schools. Volunteer in the classroom or library or for after-school activities. Work with parent-teacher-student organizations.

  • Act as role model. Settle your own conflicts peaceably and manage anger without violence.

  • Set clear limits on behaviors in advance. Discuss punishments and rewards.

  • Insist on knowing your children's friends, whereabouts and activities.

  • Make it clear that you support school policies and rules that help create and sustain a safe place for all students to learn.

  • Discourage name-calling and teasing.

  • Explain that you don't accept and won't tolerate violent behavior. Discuss what is violent and what is not.

Information on the National Crime Prevention Council and violence prevention campaigns is available at and

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