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Mail call

April 20, 2004

"I was just up at the landfill up here on 40 West and I noticed a van pull in, a nice looking van, that's why I noticed it. Had out of state tags, had a trailer with out of state tags. I did not see a dump sticker anywhere on the vn or on the trailer. He dumped his junk and drove on out. I wonder what's happening here."

"Complain, complain. Whine, whine. And an inch of snow is on the ground. The wind is blowing, it's too cold. I can't get to Wal-Mart and they might go bankrupt if I can't get there. Whoaaa, now it's April and it's raining. Three days. The wind is blowing, there's no sun, temperatures below 70. It's just terrible. Next it will be too hot, humidity is awful. Complain, complain, poor Mother Nature."

"I've been trying to find a sister of mine that was adopted out years ago. The only information I have to go on is the year she was born and the name of the people who were supposed to have adopted her. I tried looking on the computer, went to the courthouse and dead ends both places. I don't know who I can ask in the family because the ones who might have known are no longer here. Can anyone out there tell me what to do? I don't want to disrupt her life but I would like to tell her there's family out there that would like to know her and that we love her. I don't have the money for a lawyer or private detective to go that route. If anyone has any information that could help me, please leave it in Mail Call."


"I lost a blue windbreaker. It's navy blue with a white pin strip down both sleeves and across the shoulders. They tag said Classic Elements, size large. I may have lost it in Kmart or the Plaza Hotel swimming pool in the locker room. If you found it, could you please call me at 1-304-271-8785? Thank you, I'd really like to have it back because it goes to my blue sweat pants."

This is to the Mail Caller inquiring about the Chinese restaurant. The owners moved back to their home in the West Coast of California. So that's what happened to that."

"I'm glad that the DNR decided to continue with the bear hunt. Way to go. Some people do just want to go hunting for them. I'm one of them and yeah, I do want a bearskin rug. But you know what, I also want all the meat that goes with it. I wouldn't mind eating some food. For all you humane society people out there watching, why don't you take all that money and go build some new building. I know you need them more than the animals do."

"People, people, people. There you go, this is just the beginning. The registration fee is going up and for what. To help fix the Dual Highway. I'm telling you, when that hospital goes out there, you're gonna be paying more and more. You're patient fees are gonna go up because you have to pay for it. You'd better think about what you're doing. Everyone wants it out there and those people that want it out there will be the first ones to complain when everything goes up. Think about it."

"I read with interest The Morning Herald. Very bad accident with death and right beside it was the headline "You're Hired!" What were you people thinking. This is our local newspaper and you put this ridiculous Donald Trump stuff on the front page of our local paper. Bad judgment in my opinion. Thank you."

"I am trying to find three couples that I used to work with in the '70s. The first couple is Bill and Maryanne Brown, they lived on Dual Highway across from the drag strip, they had two children. The second couple is Bill and Sue Bailey, had no children, Sue worked at Emma K. Doub Elementary, they lived on Dual Highway where the Pizza Hut is now. The third couple is Sue, can't remember the husband's name or their last name, but Sue worked at Culligan Man, which was on Maugan's Avenue at that time. I worked with these people selling Miracle Maid Pots and Pans, babysat and cleaned their house for them. If anyone knows anything about these three couples, call me at 301-573-7895 or e-mail me at"

"My daughter lost a black jacket and on the front was her name on the right side, Mauree. On the left side of the front was A & C Racing Engines. On the back, had A & C Racing Engines. If anyone knows anything about this jacket call me at 301-573-7895 or e-mail me at"

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