Letters to the editor

April 19, 2004

J. Munson has no clue

To the editor:

It's quiet clear that Washington County Commissioner John Munson has a hatred for the Humane Society, and probably for animals as well.

Dana Moylan rude? Munson would just have to look in a mirror to see rude. As a former Animal Control Officer at the shelter for six years, it's time to speak out against the careless people of this community. And trust me, I've seen a lot of them.

Does he have any idea what kind of shape these animals are in when they come to the shelter? I've seen animals that have been hit by cars, or that are sick and have owners who can't afford vet care.


The shelter picks up the bill because its people care about all the animals. Does Munson believe an animal deserves to die because of the owner's carelessness?

Does he know what it is like getting paged in the middle of the night for an animal hit by car? Officers risk their own lives to go out in ice storms, snow and heavy fog to get to these animals. Then when you do get to the animal, it either is trying to bite you or is whining badly from the pain.

Does he know what is like to tell the vets to "just keep the animal stable because the shelter doesn't have enough money to pay for the care that is required?"

You all better realize that shelters aren't going anywhere. There is too much demand for them, sad to say. Check with area vets. Get prices of the cost of medicines, vaccinations and what it costs to bring animals in for office or emergency visits. See for yourself the cost of trying to maintain these animals.

If this shelter was given more money, it could hire its own vet. The money saved could then go for other things, and animals would get to their new homes faster. This shelter has two officers, which is not nearly enough for a county this size.

Sadly the ones who decide if the shelter should get more money are the ones you never see at the shelter unless there's a story in it for them and a picture in the paper.

Debbie Norris

Phys ed doesn't guarantee fitness

To the editor:

After reading the Opinion Page on Sunday, March 14, two articles stood out to me: Martin Gallagher's "History of marriage is diverse," because it was spot-on, and Dwight Scott's "Pay attention to phys ed," because it could not be more false.

Physical education is nothing more than an educational red herring, and as a high school student I know this firsthand. In many cases, physical education can only lead to the depression of the less physically fit and even to the exacerbation of existing obesity.

In my high school, students are required to take phys ed in their freshmen year. I did. However, in my freshmen year I was overweight. Even after taking phys ed, I was still overweight. It was not until I was required to take health class in my sophomore year that I began to lose weight and learn to eat healthier.

Today I've lost a grand total of 50 pounds and none of my weight loss can be attributed to physical education. In your letter Mr. Scott, you said you felt it was necessary for Washington County Board of Education candidates to have a strong stand on phys ed. Schools, especially high schools, have the job of preparing students for the world that awaits them beyond their front doors. The focus of the candidates should be on providing today's students with actual education and not an easy elective to avoid classwork.

Having just completed scheduling for my senior year, I have seen students taking phys ed as a "bird course." None of them are overweight, thus making physical education nothing more than an expanded recess for the athletic and not a viable means to prevent obesity.

David Bussard

John Munson needs his own laugh track

To the editor:

Please! Please! Please! Somebody please tell John Munson his 15 minutes of fame are over and ask that he leave quietly.

We are so tired of reading the comments that come out of his mouth. It's like watching a sitcom on TV.

I just sit and wait and sure enough he does it again, and the only thing missing is the laugh track!

Kelley Seiler

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