The yard police

April 17, 2004

Question: Should Washington County hire an inspector to cite messy properties? Your answers as posted on

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This has great potential for abuse. It's the perfect weapon for somebody who has something against their neighbor. A quick phone call, and some "enforcer" from out of town is gonna be right there, ticket book in hand.The alleged "offender" may have no more of a mess than 80 percent of the rest of the town, but they're gonna get hit with fines if somebody complains.

I live in the boonies as well, and my yard would probably get me in jail for a few years.

I think it is a good idea for people to be held accountable for upkeep and maintenance on their properties. We expect our government to clean up their messes, corporations to clean up theirs, why shouldn't we clean up our own?


Great idea! I don't want to see old refrigerators, disassembled cars and other crap in peoples' yards anyway. I do agree that it should be front yard only or anything that's visible from the street. Not sure how I would take it if some guy with a notepad was wandering around in my back yard.

What is the purpose of the fridge being on the porch?

(As an inspector) I would be happy to take you to a section 8 house where there's only supposed to be a single mother only to find out there are also five adult males from out of town of course all sleeping on the floors because they have been up all night working the streets... and let you tell them they have to leave.

I still don't see what the big deal is. Many cities already have inspectors, and it would make Hagerstown look a whole lot better.

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